Estate Laws In Michigan

The laws and the interpretation of the laws change frequently. Planning strategies that were routinely used even a year ago, can no longer be used today. An expert attorney in Estate Planning and Elder Law works tirelessly to keep up with the changes. It is impossible today for a general practice attorney to have the comprehensive knowledge necessary to serve clients seeking Estate Planning advice. You wouldn’t have a hip replacement by your primary care physician!

The laws surrounding Estate Planning and Medicaid Planning are confusing. We understand these laws so that you can avoid costly mistakes. We have saved families millions of dollars and we can help your family too. A common question we hear from families is: Do I have to “spend down” all my assets to qualify for Medicaid?

The answer is a resounding, “NO!!” But there are very well-meaning social workers, agency staff, and nursing home folks who tell families to “spend down” their life savings and then they may be eligible for Medicaid. They have the best of intentions, but they are not attorneys and don’t know the laws and strategies we use to get our families legally qualified for Medicaid. More families turn to David to get their questions answered and put a plan in place for their financial security and LifePlan Independence™.

Come to a LifePlan™ workshop and get the legal answers to these questions:

  1. What is an Estate?
  2. What is a Will?
  3. What is Probate?
  4. What Is Medicaid?
  5. What is a Power Of Attorney?
  6. What does the 5-year look-back for Medicaid mean?
  7. Can the Government Take my Home Away?
  8. Can I Transfer My Assets to Qualify for Medicaid?
  9. What is the difference between Medicare and Medicaid?

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