Obsolete wills & trusts serve only your descendants

And hourly-billing lawyers. LifePlanning™ secures your life savings and protects you! Avoids nursing home poverty.

70% of Americans will need an average of 3 years of skilled nursing care.

Most of those people will exhaust their families and life savings. Why do most lawyers and financial advisors dismiss your concerns about long-term care?

Because they have no answers. Long-Term Care Insurance? Cost is too high. Benefits are too low. And you don’t qualify anyway. Conventional Planning? One Way Ticket to failure, poverty , and probate.

Why Carrier’s approach works

  • Care you Paid For: You paid for America’s long-term care insurance policy called Medicaid. Yet most benefits go to those who paid nothing. And you get nothing. Does that seem fair?
  • Extras You Earned: You chose to plan and save rather than gobble up and waste. Why shouldn’t your prudence benefit you and your loved ones?
  • Legacy You Built: you ran the race. You prevented bickering to foster deep, strong relationships, your generosity [blank], abundant resources created prudent prosperity. Your works and deeds have given birth to many memories establishing your undying reputation.

The Process

Step 1: A New Way of Thinking

LifePlan™ Workshops (available in-person, online ZOOM or one-on-one). Or skip the workshop. You are ready to move now.

Step 2: Knowledge Is The Foundation for Prosperity and Wisdom

Complete the: Personal Information Form, Financial Information Packet, and the Estate Plan Design Essentials.

Step 3: Git ‘R Done!

Working with your team of attorneys, paralegals and other professionals design, craft and implement your LifePlan™

Your Secure Future Begins with the First Step…

A free, relaxed chat with a friendly, candid, team member – no attorneys allowed.

You only need a few minutes to find out:

  1. Is LifePlanning™ a good idea for someone in my family situation?
  2. How can LifePlanning™ help someone with property and savings like mine?
  3. I’ll never go to a nursing home – why should I care about the LifePlan™?

Not Ready to Chat?

You may think we are like other law firms. Just looking for any excuse to deliver a hard-sell, time-share, sales pitch. Ugh. We understand.

Check out some of our FREE resources. We cannot answer your questions, but you still get great information. Just click the button.

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Hear from Carrier Clients

We were very happy with the information at the workshop on Estate Planning [LifePlan workshop]. Amanda was very helpful in explaining the options we could choose from.

All questions were answered in depth and in a manner that was very understandable in depth and in a manner that was very understandable. I left feeling confident that we can contact them at any time for help navigating the system.

The staff are incredibly professional. My mother was treated with utmost respect. Her paperwork was organized and concise. I dealt with David and Jim and they spoke in terms.

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