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May 2024
Master Your Estate Plans
Unlock Your Estate’s Potential

April 2024
Secure Your Legacy: Essential Insights Await!
Your Guide to Securing Your Family’s Future
Spring into Action: Lessons Learned & Futures Secured
Secure Your Golden Years & Preserve Your Legacy

March 2024
Embrace Renewal: Last Chance for Our Spring Awakening Event!
Act Now: Medicare Clarity, Beneficiary Wisdom, and Financial Legacy
Navigate Your Future: Medicare Clarity and Estate Essentials
Navigating Your Legacy: From Planning to Perfection

February 2024
Empowering Your Legacy: Insights and Actions
Navigating Family Futures & Unveiling Secrets
Love, Legacy, and Learning: Secure Your Family’s Future
Estate Workshop & Legal Insights Awaiting You

January 2024
Wait… Giving My Money Away Can Save It?
Ready to Secure Your Future?
Last Chance to RSVP!
5 Estate Planning Mistakes to Avoid
Kicking Off 2024

December 2023
Questions to Answer Between Now and New Years
Ready to secure your future?
Medicaid is for YOU!
Planning Incorrectly is the Same as Not Planning

November 2023
What is Probate and How Does It Work?
Doing the right thing the wrong way is STILL WRONG
The Family Cottage: Godsend Or Hellhole?
Unravel The Complexities Of Medicaid

October 2023
What’s the Difference between a Conservator and an Attorney in Fact
We gave the newsletter a facelift!
Read this Medicaid question
Last chance to register!

September 2023
You are invited!
A Medicaid Question for You
Can You Protect What You Value?

August 2023
Why Not Declare Your Independence?
August? How Can It Be August?
This Just In: A Lot of Misconceptions!
You Die, Now What?

July 2023
How Does Medicaid Calculate the Penalty Period?
What Are Your RIGHTS as a Beneficiary?
Hot Answers Right Here! Part 2

June 2023
Hot Answers Right Here!
Medicaid is Not Nice
Don’t You Want Your Overpayment Back?

May 2023
Estate Planning: Peace of Mind or Waste of Time?
Do bad things ever happen to good people?
You Don’t Need To Pick And Choose
Please, Don’t Fall!
Could you have restarted from scratch?

April 2023
Do Not Put Anybody Else’s Name On Your Stuff
Are You One Relying On Medicaid For Long-Term Care?
Long-Term Care Breaks The Giants
Are You One Of The Millions About To Lose?

March 2023
What If You Give Away Your Stuff?
Medicare basics
How are You Dealing with This?
Is Undue Influence Hard to Prove?

February 2023
Would it be a bad idea to talk with an elder law attorney?
Can We Agree On The Basics?
Get Everything You Need, Everything You Want

January 2023
Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail
How to prepare for future care costs
Why Are Nursing Homes Suing Friends And Neighbors?
The Family Cottage LifeCycle

December 2022
Happy holidays!
Ask yourself these questions…
Does a Spelling Error Invalidate My Will?

November 2022
Happy Thanksgiving
If I have a trust, why do I need a will?
To all those who have served, Happy Veterans Day!
We Want to Thank You for Your Service and Sacrifice

October 2022
Why Should The Government Get All Your Halloween Candy?
Short answers for hard questions part II
Short Answers for Hard Questions
Like Seriously, This Really Happened, Not Making It Up!
If not now, when? If not you, who?

September 2022
Let’s walk together!
Is Now A Bad Time To Explore Lifeplanning™?
What Happened at Camp LeJeune?

August 2022
Avoid Probate!
Guardian, Conservator, Probate: What Is It All About?
Why does traditional Estate Planning fail?

July 2022
Democracy Dies In Typos… So We Just Ignore ‘Em
The Thrill Of Victory, The Agony Of Defeat
Upcoming events!
Messages In Bottles

June 2022
Make PACE Your Power!
Is The World Changing? What Can You Do To Succeed?
Answers to your questions
Answers to your questions – part 2

May 2022
You Never Call, You Never Write!
Message In A Bottle – Answering Your Questions!
Traditional Planning Is Death Planning
Breaking News!

April 2022
Are Future Generations Counting On You?
We Help The World Become A Better Place
“Golden Age” or “Hell In A Hand Basket”?
Answering your legal questions

March 2022
News of the world: Everything is going to hell
Seven basic long-term care fundamentals
Why Your Trust Will Fail, Despite Your Best Laid Plans
If not you, who? If not now, when?

February 2022
Tried-And-True Excuses To Avoid Planning
The reason why Estate Planning is dumb
Did Your Parents Raise A Sluggish Sloth Or A Competent Character?
The Covid Party Is Over… Are You Ready For The Hangover?

January 2022
Things Everybody Takes For Granted… But Shouldn’t

December 2021
Is Ignoring the Problem the Best Solution?
Holiday Special
Holiday Special 2
Holiday Guide from the Carrier Law Staff

November 2021
Close Your Eyes and Tap Your Heels Together 3 Times
The Wise Man Doesn’t Give The Right Answers, He Poses The Right Questions
How I Failed My Father… And How I am Fixing It
Thanksgiving 2021…What Went Wrong?

October 2021
Shipwreck Hero Or Victim Which Are You?
Chef’s Specialty and More
More Dumb Stuff Ya Gotta know about IRA’s
Americans Love a Winner and Will Not Tolerate a Loser

September 2021
Back To School New Lessons To Learn<
Contemptible Idiots Who Are Kind Of Evil
Stranger Than Fiction?
Stranger Than Fiction? Pt. 2

August 2021
For Richer For Poorer In Sickness and In Health
Which Do You Choose: Helpless Or Heroic
No Poverty. No Charity. No Waste. Make PACE Your Power
Questions From Real People
Questions From Real People Pt. 2

July 2021
Independence Day 2021
Letters You Are Glad You Did Not Have to Write
Letters You Are Glad You Did Not Have to Write Pt. 2

June 2021
Traditional Trusts Fail Families. Save The Cottage!

May 2021
Failure To Plan Is Planning To Fail

April 2021
P.A.C.E. Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly

March 2021
Questions…we get lots of questions!

February 2021
Does an “I Love You Will” Really Show You Care?

January 2021
• Sixty Minutes to Accelerate Your Success

December 2020
• Estate Planning to Serve You | David’s Story

November 2020
• A Season of Thanks

October 2020
• We Answer Your Letters

September 2020
• Back to School

August 2020
• Medicare Open Enrollment

July 2020
• New Auto Insurance Law

June 2020
• Important News from Carrier Law

May 2020
• Getting ready to open

April 2020
• Virtual Visiting Expert

March 2020
• Important Legal Document

February 2020
• Changes to IRA’s

January 2020
• The SECURE Act: not secure

November 2019
• A Season of Thanks

October 2019
• Finding Relief

August 2019
• The end of Alzheimer’s disease starts with us.

June 2019
• The SECURE Act?

April 2019
• Carrier Cares

February 2019
• You have the power to protect your life savings.

December 2018
• ‘Tis the season to say thank you!

October 2018
• Aging in place – is it really an option?

August 2018
• We’re changing our name!

July 2018
• Summer Time! Fun Time!

June 2018
• Alzheimer’s Walk Kick-off

May 2018
• New Chief Operating Officer
• Spring Has (Finally) Sprung

March 2018
• New Tax Law Update

Feb 2018
• Five Medicaid Myths

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