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It was a very informative meeting. The staff is knowledgeable and easy to talk to. We appreciate the full-service legal expertise.

We absolutely feel we are in the best of hands – everything was explained right down to the smallest detail. William Bereza was great!

Lorissa Miller has done an exceptional job in dealing with my mother’s trust and Medicaid application. She was professional, caring, considerate, and very easy to work with. I was very happy dealing with her and the whole Carrier law firm. Blair was also professional and caring when I worked with her. Kudos to both Lorissa and Blair. I would recommend Lorissa to anyone considering reworking a trust or applying for Medicaid. It made the whole process monumentally easier.

(Regarding a meeting with one of our attorneys): We felt very comfortable and the information given was very understandable.

We got our Revocable “pantry” trust in 2012 and FINALLY took the plunge to get the Irrevocable “root cellar” Asset Protection Trust as we’re getting into our 70’s.

My having a PhD background (where we are trained to always ask questions which can sometimes drive other people “nuts”), the lawyer, Mr. Jim Henke, was very knowledgeable and EXTREMELY patient in answering ALL of our questions during the more than month long process of my questions!!!

I have been a client of Carrier Law since November 2019. Each time I have made an inquiry or request, it been answered or addressed.
Today, I met with Attorney, James D. Henke. Mr. Henke answered all of my questions, gave salient advice, and extended an invitation to call him with any future questions or problems. Further, as committed by David Carrier, I will not receive a bill for the services rendered today.

Friendly, detailed, made sure our needs were fully addressed and we understood the issues. Very pleased.

James Henke talked us through the LifePlan Journey and answered all questions. Doing this has given us piece of mind that our assets will go where needed an will do the most good to preserve our legacy. Highly recommend James and the program.

I have worked with David and his organization for estate planning and asset protection for several years and always been happy with the results.

We worked with Bill Bereza at Carrier for the estate planning of both our family and my mother-in-law. Bill was thoughtful, attentive, and personable. He took care to provide advice customized to each of us, and he and the team at Carrier made the entire thing easy and seamless. We were supported every step of the way getting our trusts, wills, etc all set up.

Highly recommended for estate planning!

Very friendly, professional and extremely thorough!
We are very happy to work with them! Would highly recommend them!

The LifePlan seminar is a very useful experience providing current information for all ages regarding protection of your personal and family assets.

My husband and I just had our first appointment with David. He is clearly very knowledgeable about estate planning and elder law. He explained all the services his office provides and how they can protect our assets during our lifetimes and after our deaths. It was a very enjoyable meeting and although we chose to purchase some of his services, we did not feel pressured at all to do so. The free gifts for becoming clients were a nice surprise!

A very pleasant experience for my wife and myself. The staff was extremely nice and helpful. Jim was very knowledgeable and patient, explaining everything in a manner that helped us to understand our options. We are looking forward to our next appointment.

I love david carrier. They are very helpful for your family life policy. They will also help you if you have questions. They make my daughter feel relife. So when we paceaway. She can be protected. she can protect all her money and properties.

trustworthy and very knowledgeable.

I went through a update with carrier law and was very pleased with the service that I received. I was directed to go to the funding dept. met with Hope Welsh to go over all of my fundings couldn’t been more pleased with her knowledge of my fundings. Most pleased with her professionalism of work and the joy of working with her.

Really good law office very professional staff.

I went in for my review after all of the COVID mess that has been going on. They contacted me to set up an appointment and I did just that. ATTORNEY James Henke took all my questions and answered them. He also gave me some more insight and gave me confidence that even after my wife’s death, that my Trust would still be effective. He was very sharp and helpful. He Even gave me Condolences on my wife’s passing. He assured me that my Adult Children could come there for help even after my death or my incapacitated state, for help and guidance. He was punctual, helpful and reassuring. They did not charge me for anything, because everything was bascially the same after my wife’s passing.. Thank you for your expertise and making me feel comfortable!! God Bless You!!

David and his entire staff are nothing short of remarkable and phenomenal! I am very pleased and impressed with my experience there. Everything was handled in a professional manner, and with the best treatment. A special thanks to Jim Henke and Terri Macklin for all their efforts. Absolutely the best!!

I have had two occasions to work with Carrier Law recently. On both occasions I spoke with Terri Macklin. She was very helpful, very easy to talk to and she provided me with the answers I needed. Terri offered me options and suggestions that made navigating my job as Trustee, much easier. It was great working with you, Terri. Thank you for making this process much more understable.

The most compassionate, caring, and knowledgeable “family” of people I was blessed to be referred to. And, of course, it really IS a small world! Thanks for everything, Cheryl for Inez

Terri M. is great! We may have driven her crazy with our questions, but she helped us along. We were very happy with her and her patience with us. Also, saw Jim H. for a different matter. Nice guy, friendly, and explains things so you can understand. Good law office with very reliable people!!

Office staff is very friendly. I worked with several legal staff who were good at what they do. If I had questions, I could call and ask.

I had the pleasure to work with Gregory Van Deusen as we went over health and estate legal documents. He is very knowledgeable and personable as he guided us through the process! Many thanks for assisting us in what can be a difficult time.

So far we have been very satisfied with David Carrier & Hallie Miller both of whom have helped us up to and during the funding process of our new trust.

Very knowledgeable and willing to make very complicated issues understandable. Protect yourself and your family.

Carrier Law cares about it’s clients. They are professionals. Everytime I’ve been there the staff is pleasant and knowledgeable. No Stone is left unturned. Thank you Carrier Law!

Met with Jim Henke today. He was very empathetic when I told him about my personal situation; extremely thorough as we reviewed my existing estate plan and financial information; and made thoughtful suggestions to protect my assets. He’s a good listener and very helpful.

My wife and I attended the LifePlan Workshop and meet with Bryan Narlock an attorney on David Carrier’s team. Both David and Bryan showed us how we can protect your assets and we never felt pressured to purchase their services.

I needed help qualifying my husband for Medicaid to help with his dementia. David Carrier and his employees are very professional and knew exactly what to do to accomplish this. Blair Davis lead me thru the process, submitted the application and we were approved 2 months later. It was a time when I didn’t know how I was going to get help and David Carrier Law knew exactly what to do. God bless them all.

Great job!

“Before we began the process of putting our finances in a trust, I thought I was familiar with how the law worked with my retirement. Boy was I wrong! David Carrier met with my wife and I personally. He was never in a rush and kindly answered our questions while filling us with new information. He had our retirement and financial goals in focus and encouraged us to make some excellent decisions.”

Sidney Hoeksema

Great job!

“After meeting with 11 other law firms to decide who was the best in Michigan, I made the right choice with Carrier Law. We learned a great deal on how to protect our assets and make our lives more secure in the future. Great job!”

Steve K.

This experience was money well spent

“This experience was money well spent for the peace of mind you get knowing your financial house and your end-of-life plans are finally in order. We have seen friends and relatives who did not have good legal counsel to complete the job like Carrier does. The result was disastrous! We tell everyone who’s thinking about wills to at least attend the workshop.”

Howard & Terri Hansen

Efficient and informative

The trust funding process is complicated. Carrier Law devotes the resources for their clients to help them through the experience in the most efficient and informative way. And they don’t leave you once you set up your trust. They keep you aware of new laws and changes you may need to consider.”

Carrie Hoeksema

I have peace of mind

I have peace of mind that everything will be handled efficiently when something happens to me.”

Linda Freeman

He is always there if we need answers

I walked out of David’s office feeling happy and confident that if anything happened, I would know what to do. He is always there if we need answers and I feel he has our back. He is a great guy!!!”

Carole Rice

I sincerely appreciate doing business with them

“With the law changing constantly, I have peace knowing I have a group of folks protecting my back! They are intelligent, respectful, & kind in all that they do for you as a client. I sincerely appreciate doing business with them.”

Karen Koekkoek

The experience and expertise of the Carrier staff is appreciated

“I want to thank you all for your help in getting Mom’s ‘affairs in order.’ The experience and expertise of the entire Carrier staff is very much appreciated. Your help was most valuable in resolving our situation. We could never have done all this without you. Thank you!”

Joyce H.

Really enjoyed working with everyone here

“We feel so much better knowing that everything we want and don’t want is taken care of. We really have enjoyed working with everyone here and the cookies too!”

Vivian and James K.

Enjoyed the seminar about protecting one’s assets

“I really enjoyed the seminar and the fun in the learning about how to protect one’s assets. I have enjoyed meeting each person through this process and everyone’s helpfulness. I chose to get information after my ex-husband died at age 55. This is a reminder it is never to early to be prepared.”

Debra X.

Sincere thanks and gratitude to the Law Office of David Carrier

“I would like to take the time to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to the Law Office of David Carrier, P.C. I am grateful for David and his staff, especially Chris Dennis. It has been my pleasure to work with her. Whatever I needed she obtained for me and I greatly appreciate that. Chris answered all of my questions in a timely manner, showed and expressed empathy appropriately and that meant more to me than anything. My husband and I look forward to working with your law office again in the future, and I appreciate all you and your staff has done to make this situation a little easier.”

Darrenda H.

Absolutely pleased with the services!!!

“Very Informative! Explained all the details and answered all questions.”

Barb K.

A very professional organization!

“The information was presented in a clear, concise manner by Chris Gibbons and Karen Boer. Very personable attorneys who make sure we understand completely what we were signing. Leaves us with peace of mind!”

Lynne K.

Very happy with David Carrier Law

“I’m very happy with Carrier Law. They simplified all the necessary legal ‘dealings’ for me and I love the face that you don’t have to pay ‘by the hour/minute’. Thank you.”

Cindy B.

They made everything clear

“They have made everything clear. They answer all questions and make us feel welcome. They also make us feel they are really concerned about our estate planning.”

Donald K.

A priceless gift

“It has been months since my husband Ted and I had our last visit, however we have not forgotten you and how you helped us. You cannot imagine how relieved Ted and I were once you took our case and straightened out all the miscommunicated knots enabling us to move forward with a legal document we trust; that was a priceless gift and we feel indebted.

“Today, with our Trust completed we have no excuse to visit you, however it is a comfort to know we could call you for assistance if a need or question arises. In the meantime, do take care and know you are still in our thoughts.”

Ted and Barbara S.

They took away a lot of my stress

“Donna, Stephanie and Georgia handled everything I threw at them beautifully. I could not have dealt with my father’s estate as easilly without them. They took away a lot of my stress regarding the estate!

Jennifer L.

Hats off and thank you

“I would like to take this time to thank each and every single one of you from the very bottom of my heart.

This has been an extremely emotional and very, very difficult time to say the least.

It has been a very long year and a half. Just when things would start to calm down, something else would come alone to stir things up again. I was beginning to think things would never end.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. You all went above and beyond in my book, as for Sam Bernstein’s office and staff… Well we just won’t go there because I don’t have anything nice to say and would NOT recommend them to a dead animal on the road.”

Sincerely, Sherry S.

Exceeded my expectations

Hello Everyone,

I did a Google search for Elder Law. David Carrier P.C. website is well done and just felt right for me.

I found the people to be a delight and the cost reasonable.

They exceeded my expectations of what I thought I needed. Their professionalism and knowledge of the laws and resources resulted in a package that covers all my needs.

When the laws changed, they called me, and we modified my paperwork to reflect the new legislation.

Thank you Mark and Patrick, and everyone who supported the project!
I have recommended you to friends and family.

Lovely day to you, Judy P.

It was a pleasure

When my mother recently passed away, I was the trustee for her estate. David L. Carrier P.C. had done her trust and so I called their office to start settling her trust.

At the first meeting I met Donna Corwin who was the paralegal in charge of helping me settle the trust. I was so impressed with Donna and how she did everything. She was so friendly and capable in all she did.

It was a pleasure in dealing with her. The law firm of David L. Carrier is very fortunate to have Donna Corwin as a member of their team.

Jerry P.

Perfect balance of pleasant and professional

Perfect balance of pleasant and professional. Starting with workshops with targeted information to relaxed chit chat with David (and all the staff we met) – great experience!

Thank you!

P.S. Micky is fun – glad we did NOT get a broom.

Again thanks, Gary and Linda Y.

Very professional office

Very professional office. Donna and Stephanie are extremely professional, on top of everything friendly and just a joy to work with.
Very prompt on phone calls, emails, etc.

I am very thankful for these two people!

Sincerely, Patti S.

Would recommend this law firm

“We have been with Carrier Law for at least 20 years. Everything they have done for us has been wonderful. We would recommend this law firm to everyone we know.”

Sally Sulak

Very comforting to me

“You have been patient with me. It is a hard decision to make about your things that you have worked hard to leave. Once this is completed it will be very comforting to me to know it is done and my way.”

Joni Herrygers

Guided us every step of the way

“We recently completed our estate planning (not to be confused with wealth planning) with the help of the David L. Carrier P.C. Although this was a very long and difficult process, David’s professional team guided us every step of the way. Midway through the process, we put everything on hold while we tried to find the best way to proceed considering our rather unique situation. At this point, I met with David again to get his point of view on some specific matters that bothered us most. Later, I met with estate planners outside of David Carrier P.C. to get a second opinion. In the end, we made some decisions that we felt were right for us. David was more than willing to make adjustments in our plan per our desires which resulted in a cost reduction.

David proceeds slowly through development to allow clients plenty of time to become familiar with the estate plan. High wealth clients might want to consider whether an irrevocable Trust makes sense for them. David and his team always provided open and honest opinion and we never felt unduly pressured. Everyone’s situation is unique and clients should understand their options.

As I alluded in the beginning, estate planning forces one to consider things that are unpleasant. Such consideration can be stressful at times. David’s professional associates are considerate of such induced stress on their clients. Thus, they move slowly but deliberately toward the development of the estate plan. We can recommend David Carrier P.C. for their combined expertise in the field of estate planning.”

Larry and Barbara A.

Hats off to your team of excellent, determined, and patient professionals.

“My family and I cannot express enough gratitude to David and his team for all the special help given to us thru my father’s last years and after his death.

Our very special thank you to Christine H. and Mindy for guiding us thru the estate, area agency and the very tedious escheated insurance policies.

After a years time of paperwork, phone calls and fights with the state of Ohio, the problem finally came to a close.

Hats off to your team of excellent, determined, and patient professionals.

Thank you for all you have done. We couldn’t have gone thru this mess alone.”

Ray and Barbara S.

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