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Mainstream living trust/estate planners have a 90% Failure Rate - and that’s no accident!

  • Most of the time, conventional planning fails. This means your stuff is going through probate, which means your “Estate Attorney” is going to collect a big chunk of your estate as “PROBATE FEES”. And your beneficiaries can’t do a thing about it!
  • Carrier LifePlanning™ guides you through the ENTIRE PROCESS. We don’t abandon you to the tender mercies of the financial world. We are here for you, every step of the way, doing the paperwork, intervening with the bureaucrats, keeping records to make it easier for you and those who come after.

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Disability and dementia destroy relationships. Mainstream advisors tell you to “Spend Down” to poverty.
David Carrier says, “No way!”

Long-term care can devastate your life savings. Mainstream advisors tell you to write huge checks EVERY month, until you are financially helpless.

Medicaid simply is the way America and Michigan pay for long-term care. You’ve been paying in since you were 16! And they’ve been taking out. Conventional wisdom: you must be broke!

Carrier Wisdom

  • Married couples can preserve 100% of life savings
  • Single people can preserve 50% of life savings
  • AND qualify for skilled nursing benefits…

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Mainstream Estate Planning is stingy and miserly: Avoid probate, save taxes, get to children/beneficiaries, face nursing home poverty.

  • Carrier LifePlanning™ is comprehensive and generous: your life savings serve YOU and your spouse, FIRST.
  • When there are leftovers: avoid Probate, save taxes get FULL MEASURE to the next generation!
  • Mainstream Estate Planning is DEATH planning. Conventional wisdom ignores YOU and concentrates only on your beneficiaries.

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Will your wisdom and hard work provide your children and grandchildren with a lasting stream of security?

Mainstream advisors and careless counsel promote beneficiary designations on everything from real estate (Ladybird Deeds) to individual retirement accounts. Maybe they don’t know their lazy planning leads to ridiculously high taxes, family strife and financial insecurity.

Carrier LifePlanning™

  • Fights the new IRA/401K Death Tax;
  • Fosters family harmony;
  • Builds a bridge to a financially-secure future for your family.

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Your loved one has died.

Whether you feel the sharp grief of an untimely loss, or sad relief at the end of a long, well-lived life, emotional turmoil and dislocation will take their toll. And NOW What?

  • Carrier Law Trust Administration and Probate Advocates are here for you NOW. Mainstream advisors Say “Put It Off… There’s nothing you should do right away…”
  • Take the first steps as soon as possible! Make sense of this difficult time. Empower yourself by asserting control.

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Two hours that can change you and your family’s history! The Free LifePlan™ Workshop.

In less time than it takes to watch a movie, you’ll become more familiar with the REAL ISSUES of Estate Planning and Elder Law than most mainstream advisors. Come as you are. Comfortable clothing, please!

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Thirty minutes to clarity!
If it takes 60, that is
just fine!

Get more answers from your Carrier advocate. You call the shots. We are here for you, to answer YOUR concerns, fully and clearly!

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Join Us for Our Medicaid Bootcamp Series

Are you a skilled nursing home professional? This series of one-hour workshops focuses on the facility getting paid without losing millions to bad debt.

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We have built strong emotional bonds with 11,000+ families over the past 37 years. Or in their own words:

Our team of over 50 trained professionals have one mission in mind: our families come first.

Over the years, the Carrier team has grown, adding a few carefully-chosen, rigorously-trained advocates, attorneys, paralegals and other professionals. Now your Carrier team has dozens of members.

Yet we all share the same mission: Our families don’t go broke, because we take this stuff seriously! Would you like to learn more about the women and men who truly have YOUR best interests at heart?

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