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Questions to Ask Yourself When Planning Your Estate

Deciding what will happen to your estate after your death can be an emotional and difficult process, but it can also save a decedent’s loved ones a significant amount of stress and worry. Fortunately, in Michigan, there are a variety of ways to plan for the disposal of an estate. Many residents choose to create a will specifically designating who will gain ownership of certain assets upon his or her death. Others choose to create...

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What Can Be Done About the Cost of Long-Term Care?

As we age, we all need to accept the fact that we might need long-term care. You and your family must be prepared to handle the costs of long-term care. More than any other expense, long-term care costs drain the hard-earned life savings of many Michigan families. Did you know that the average cost of a nursing home in Michigan is now approaching $250 per day? Many facilities cost far more than that. The simple...

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When is the Right Time to Set Up A Family Trust?

Most people in Michigan have at least a vague understanding of how wills operate. This is certainly a good thing, as wills are extremely important and are an essential estate planning tool. However, they are far from the only asset distribution tool available. For many individuals in Michigan, a family trust is actually the best way to set up the distribution of their assets. If you want to know if a family trust is right...

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The Dos and Don’ts of Choosing a Medicare Plan

When it comes time to choosing a Medicare plan, it can be difficult to know which type of coverage is best for you. We understand how complicated insurance plans can be, especially when you are an older adult in need of frequent medical care and prescription drugs. The important thing to remember is that different plans can be better or worse for your needs, and you can always seek advice from an experienced Grand Rapids...

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Top 3 Questions We Receive About Estate Planning in Grand Rapids, MI

You might have heard friends and family members discussing the values of estate planning, and you may have wondered whether you should be talking with an estate planning attorney. Generally speaking, nobody likes to think about estate planning, from questions concerning end-of-life care to wills and inheritances. Yet regardless of age, it is extremely important to think about estate planning and to discuss your options with an experienced Grand Rapids estate planning lawyer. Indeed, estate...

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Creating a Comprehensive LifePlan | Law Offices of David L Carrier

Why Estate Planning Goes Beyond Just Avoiding Taxes

While estate planning is important for avoiding unnecessary taxes and for making sure that your assets are passed on to the next generation in accordance with your wishes, there is another benefit that is rarely talked about. Establishing a LifePlan and having your financial affairs in order can afford you a tremendous amount of piece of mind. You’ve worked hard for what you have and having a solid LifePlan can help you thrive and enjoy...

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Paying for Long-Term Care in Michigan | Law Offices of David L Carrier

The True Cost of Long-Term Care in Michigan

We all hope to live long healthy lives, but this dream can be expensive, especially if you live in a nursing home in your old age. According to the National Center For Health Statistics, approximately 1.4 million Americans currently live in long-term care nursing homes across the country. In Michigan, the typical cost to rent a room in a nursing home that has two residents to a room and four to a bathroom is approximately...

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