Three Popular (And Bad) Reasons For Traditional Estate Planning

Avoid Probate – Save Taxes – Help The Kids

Traditional Estate Planning Means Nursing Home Poverty

Ever been on an airplane? You remember. Aluminum thing with wings. Like a city bus, but less comfortable. Sure, it was a long time ago. Before COVID. Distant memory. Return with us now to the thrilling days of yesteryear…

Who could forget the flight attendant safety talk? Cabin dark and filled with smoke? Simply follow the blinking lights as you crawl on the floor! Water landing? Your seat cushion is a “floatation device.” “Sudden loss of cabin pressure”? Oxygen masks pop out from the ceiling. Good times.

We all remember what the flight attendant (do not call her a stewardess!) told us to do with those masks, right? You put your own mask on first. Not grandma’s. Not the kids’. You first! Gee, that sounds rather selfish. Lookin’ out for ole Number One, eh? So self-centered!

Why take care of you first? Pretty obvious, isn’t it?

If you are unconscious and turning blue, you are not much good to anyone. You are a problem. Not a solution. You must take care of yourself before you can care for others. Including those you love. Neglect yourself and you become a burden. A nuisance. Or worse.

Big Problem Is Not When You Are Dead

Traditional estate planning is all about what happens after you die. Focused on the kids or beneficiaries. Who gets your leftover stuff? Who pays the bills? Can we stay out of probate court? Please. How do we clean up the mess now that you have crossed over the Great Divide?

You are smart to think about these things. An inheritance can be a blessing. Thanks, Mom & Dad! Good, solid death planning makes sense. Sadly. All too often. An inheritance is a curse.

Why let the kids or beneficiaries wonder about what you wanted?

Failing to plan is planning to fail. Confusion, uncertainty, conflict. Families fight and fall apart. Certainty, clarity, confidence. Families bond closer than ever. As Matthew wrote (5:37): “But let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes,’ and your ‘No,’ ‘No.’ For whatever is more than these is from the evil one.” Good estate planning advice!

You should plan for your death. Nobody wants to, naturally But death planning is a good and generous thing… a considerate gift to the next generation. On the other hand, what if you neglect your death plan? What is the worst that can happen?

Well. One way or another, your survivors will figure out what to do with your earthly remains. Cremation or Casket? In a Mausoleum or on the Mantel? Bagpipers or the Chippendale Dancers? Fancy Funeral Lunch or McDonald’s Gift Cards? Big Production or No Publicity?

Your leftover stuff… someone will get it. Maybe take years. Bitter battles. Maybe go quickly. Everybody happy. Who knows?

Aretha Franklin had about 80 million dollars when she died recently. And a woefully inadequate estate plan. Her sons are still squabbling. But you know, she is safely in the ground. Taxes, government, lawyers… all got more than their fair share. But her sons did get millions.

Your kids will figure out what to do with your Precious Moments, Hummels, and workshop tools. Takes longer. More expensive. Family feud. But sooner or later those loose ends will get wrapped up and life will go on… And you won’t be there to see it. Thank goodness.

Trouble Comes When You Are Still Alive

LifePlanning™ is all about you. Now. While you are still among the living. How could your continued life be a problem? You are the one who fixes things. Does the hard stuff. Big Trouble?

Right now, you are caring for yourself. Maybe caring for your spouse, too. Or another family member. You worked. You saved. You planned for your retirement. You did all the good things and you have not been disappointed. Until…

Federal government says that if you are 65 years old, you have a 70% chance of needing skilled long-term care services. As you get older, the chance of needing services goes up. Anybody surprised? They say you will need those services for about 3 years, on average. But a big chunk of us will need services for more than 5 years. See for yourself:

By the way, this is why most folks die broke. Why don’t most families have to worry about inheritances? Nursing Home Poverty, that’s why. Most families are simply swamped by long-term care costs. Sell the cottage. Liquidate the savings. Cash in the CDs, mutual funds, IRAs, annuities. Quick, quick, quick. And it does not have to be that way.

America pays for long-term care through the Medicaid program. Simple as that. You have not saved enough to pay $30/hour for at-home care. How long can you pay $12,000/month for institutional skilled care? Or $10,000/month. Or $7500/month for assisted living memory care?

Sure, you can do it for a while. And then the savings are exhausted. So is your family. And then you get the “government solution:” Medicaid.

What if you plan ahead so that you get some payback on the tax dollars you have paid in? With every paycheck, every tax withholding, you have been paying in. And yet. If you were frugal, if you saved, if you paid your bills, if you honored your debts… you get nothing until you are flat, busted, broke.

What if you lived in debt? Always refinancing the house. Pulling every nickel of equity out to spend on whatever struck your fancy? You get credit card advertisements all the time. What if you took those cards and ran ‘em up? With no intention of ever paying? Do you know anyone doing such things? Of course you do. We all do. Maybe even in your own family.

The person who spends and spends and spends… without saving. Borrows and borrows and borrows… then defaults. Lives the high life. Always the new car or truck. Always on the razor’s edge. Well, our system rewards people like that. Long-term care for those folks is free. Right now. No problem. Right this way, your table’s waiting! But not for you…

For you… different story! You were foolish. Unwise. You worked and saved. You planned ahead. You said NO! to dependence. And when you or your loved one needs long-term care, now your security is sacrificed. You weren’t saving for your golden years, grandchildren’s tuition, that once-in-a-lifetime trip or cruise. Oh no. You were saving for long-term care. So that you could get the lowest level of care, go broke, and then get the government solution, Medicaid.

LifePlanning™ is not about getting any special deals. You will not game the system. You will not take unfair advantage. Let the grifters grift. That is not you.

LifePlanning™ is all about fundamental fairness. You don’t want a special deal, all you want is the same deal that guy is getting. Why does the system penalize people like you? Most folks just want a fair shake. But people like you get played for chumps. Sure you paid in. Just keep on paying. You thought maybe “they” were looking out for you? Nope. Look around. Smell the coffee.

What Can You Do?

LifePlanning™ keeps the American Dream alive. LifePlanning™ rejects Nursing Home Poverty. LifePlanning™ preserves your hard- earned dollars to serve your spouse, you, and the next generations. You earned it. You paid in. You did the right things.

And now they want you broke. Dispirited. Discredited. Dependent. Why do they want you a beggar? Because beggars are easier to please.

Must you go broke? Can you preserve what you have earned, protect what you value? Yes, you can. LifePlanning™ preserves your savings. LifePlanning™ does not create wealth, you did that. I know it wasn’t easy. LifePlanning™ makes the rules work for people who play by the rules. That is you.

Maybe thousands of LifePlanning™ Michigan families are wrong. Perhaps the thousands who have received long-term care benefits while preserving their life’s work are mistaken. It is possible that you just want to surrender. Give up. Wave the white flag. That is OK. Personal Choice.

Or maybe the hundreds of millions in homes, farms, and other assets protected by LifePlanning™ Michigan families will preserve and strengthen our middle-class values. For you. For the next generation.

Think about it? Not enough. Those who wish to tear down America are acting. So should you. Find out how. Ask questions. Get answers. LifePlanning™ Workshops are available on-line and in person. Don’t look back with regret. Face the future with hope and confidence.

Here’s how you start:

1. Call 1-800-317-2812.
2. Get the next LifePlanning™ Workshop.

Easy. See you there!

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