Why You Need a Health Care Power Of Attorney


The most important legal document you can have right now is a Health Care Power of Attorney.

An excerpt from another attorney asking for advice:

“I just received a call from a client. Mom and Dad both have Coronavirus. Ambulance took Dad to Henry Ford Hospital; advised Mom to stay home because she could still walk. Dad has dementia and is understandably out of sorts and unable to answer basic questions for hospital staff. Hospital won’t permit family to visit, of course, and are only communicating with family on an emergency basis (i.e. when they thought they were going to lose Dad earlier today).

Dad has a POA, but no Health Care POA. Hospital advised family to secure a guardianship for Dad. I cannot reach Macomb County Probate Court.”

If you do not have a Health Care POA in place, your family must go to court to secure guardianship to make decisions on your behalf. During the COVID-19 crisis, many courts are closed or operating on a limited capacity.


If you would like to create or update powers of attorney, call us at (800) 317-2812 or respond to this email to schedule a phone or video conference.


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