Security and Success: Choice Not Chance

It was a perfect midsummer afternoon, twelve years ago. Two men retired from the same Michigan manufacturing company. They were very much alike, these two older gentlemen. Both had better-than-average, thirty-year careers. Both were personable, well-respected, and secure. Home, nice cottage. No debt. Conservative investments. No bad habits. And both – as new retirees are- were filled with dreams for the future. More time to spend with their wives, kids, grandchildren, at the cottage, on the golf course, travel. Enjoying the retirement freedom and security they had anticipated, saved for, earned.

Recently their company had its one-hundredth anniversary. Both men returned to celebrate.

They were still very much alike. Both healthy. Both had three grandchildren. Both still devoted to their wives of over forty years. Both primary caregivers. At home. Just a few short years into retirement. Their wives suffered from Alzheimer’s Disease.

But there was a difference. One of the men struggled to make ends meet. “On duty” 24 hours per day. Exhausted. Retirement savings, cottage, comfortable home – all gone. Living on social security. The other man recently hosted his granddaughter’s wedding. At the lake. One hundred and twenty guests. Life savings intact.

Independent, secure. Primary caregiver with plenty of help. Using the Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE). No worries.

What Made the Difference?

Have you ever wondered, as I have, what makes this kind of difference in people’s lives? It isn’t always a native intelligence or talent or dedication. It isn’t that one person wants security and the other doesn’t.

The difference lies in what each person knows and how he or she makes use of that knowledge. Useful knowledge. Action. Follow through. Better results.

Planning Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Living Life to the fullest, whatever the circumstances.

Knowledge, concepts, ideas – all very fine. But without action? Nothing! LifePlanning™ incorporates knowledge, in real life. Getting the benefits you have earned. Avoiding nursing home poverty. Living life to the fullest, whatever the circumstances. Thousands of Michigan families use LifePlan™ techniques. Securing a better life for their families. Security is a choice. What do you choose?

Your Own Success and Security

We cannot promise you instant success or eternal security. But we guarantee that the LifePlan™ approach to the best to secure your success and meet your needs.

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