Nursing Facility Transition (NFT)


Do you have a loved one in a nursing facility who would like to return home?

The Nursing Facility Transition (NFT) helps those currently living in a nursing home move into a house, apartment, or assisted living and helps put necessary services in place.

Individuals work with a Transition Specialist who will explain the process and conduct an assessment to determine what services would be needed in order to transition out of the nursing home. They will then work together to develop a plan centered around the individual’s needs and choices (if desired, family and friends may also be included in the process).

Each situation and plan of care is individualized but examples of services provide include bathing, dressing, home delivered meals, assistance with medication and housekeeping.


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  • Residing in a nursing facility
  • Currently on, or eligible for, Medicaid
  • Desire to return to the community (house, apartment or assisted living)
  • Has barriers to living independently such as needing in-home care and/or housing


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