Medicaid Myths

The overwhelming majority of nursing home residents receive Medicaid. That’s right! Over 70% of nursing home residents right now are getting Medicaid. What about the rest? They’ll be on Medicaid too… in 6-18 months! Think about it… can we all afford $7000-$9000 per month, every month? Most folks can’t and Medicaid is the solution!

Common Medicaid Myths Answered | Law Offices of David L Carrier MYTH: I have to sell all my stuff and spend all the money on long term care before Medicaid will help!

FACT: You are allowed to keep several kinds of “exempt” assets, including your car, your family home and the stuff inside! Not to mention other items.

MYTH: If I gave anything away in the last 3 years (or 5 years or whatever the time limit is now), my spouse and I are disqualified.

FACT: Not so fast. Some assets can be transferred without penalty under certain circumstances. Find out which legal loopholes do you qualify for!

MYTH: There’s nothing we can do! Now that my spouse needs skilled nursing care, we may as well sign over our life savings, family cottage, homestead and give up!

FACT: There is NO reason for ANY married couple to be paying “private pay rates” for skilled nursing. Using LifePlan™ Crisis techniques, I’ve helped thousands of married couples save millions… almost all of their life savings… not just the small “protected amount”. I can do the same for you.

MYTH: As usual, married folks get all the breaks… I’m single so there’s nothing I can do… I’m the one who has to give up!

FACT: Different LifePlan™ Crisis techniques are available for single people. There is always something we can do to get you the care that you or your loved one needs – without losing your life savings!

MYTH: Today’s LifePlan™ Crisis techniques solve everything! We don’t have to do anything until it’s time for long term care!

FACT: Medicaid rules change all the time and they’re not getting any easier. As Medicaid gets more and more difficult we respond with more advanced Crisis LifePlanning™ strategies, but the best approach is to plan ahead and avoid the crisis altogether. Find our how at the next LifePlan™ Essentials Workshop… click on the button or call us and sign up!

MYTH: My spouse will qualify for Medicaid right away because our prenuptial agreement says that my stuff is mine!

FACT: Pre-nuptial agreements, post-nuptial agreements, and legal separations are all irrelevant for Medicaid purposes.

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