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Folks like us begin working by age 10. Snow shoveling. Grass mowing. Babysitting. Dishwashing. Me, I began delivering newspapers at 7.

I have an older sister, two younger sisters and four younger brothers (8 of us altogether). Dad, a WWII Navy veteran, taught school by day, then worked the local brewery’s graveyard shift. Sixteen-hour days for sixteen years. Mom was an RN. She resumed practice when the youngest was 5. Both parents tracked our grades, chores, and college savings.

Paper route and dish-washing money paid for my first year at the University of Notre Dame. An Army scholarship and weekend pizza deliveries took care of the rest. Upon graduation, the Army kindly allowed me to get my first law degree from Boston University Law School. Like Dad, I worked third shift full time to pay the bills.

On active duty, the Army let me jump out of airplanes, argue murder cases, edit The Army Lawyer, and work at the Pentagon. The Army also paid for most of my Master of Law, Taxation degree from Georgetown University Law. Airborne wings, two Meritorious Service Medals and an Army Achievement Medal. Thank you for allowing me to serve!

A Different Vision Of Estate Planning & Elder Law

Two years at a large law firm were enough. For them. Thirty years ago, I founded my own firm. Dedicated to you. Middle Class Americans. Today, 40+ team members share the LifePlan™ vision:

  • 1. No Poverty. You do not go broke. You will keep your lifesavings. Keep your independence. Period. Money is choices. You decide. At home care, assisted living or skilled nursing?
  • 2. No Handouts. Middle class Americans are not looking for charity. Need long term care? Get the benefits you paid for with every paycheck.
  • 3. No Waste. Avoid probate? Of course. Make sure the beneficiaries get their inheritance, no matter what? Yes!

I reject traditional estate planning. Traditional planning sacrifices Middle-class Michigan to nursing home poverty. Everyone knows this. Your insurance agent, financial advisor, accountant, lawyer. It is no secret. Except to you. No longer. The Reporter gives you the straight story.

Over the years, tens of thousands of families have used the LifePlan™ approach. Simple fairness. You paid in. You get the benefit. Receiving the best care. Maintaining quality of life. Not going broke.

Service To Our Client Families

No billing by the hour. No billing by percentage of your estate. No surprises. We do not like surprises. We will not surprise you. Let’s talk… no charge. No charge for the workshop either. If you choose to protect yourself and your family, we will craft a plan and quote the fee. No risk. You decide. You get options, in writing, all fees disclosed up front.

Many lawyers claim to do everything from traffic tickets to trusts. Can that lawyer is be expert at anything?

Our singular focus is on you and your loved ones. Following through, getting the job done. I call it LifePlanning™. You may call it common sense. Other lawyers wish it would just go away.

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