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If you’re looking for an estate planning attorney in Greater Grand Rapids, MI, you can contact Carrier Law. Most individuals put off estate planning since it’s not the most pleasant topic, but it’s best to take on the responsibility early in order to protect your loved ones. When you come to Carrier Law, we guide you through the process to develop the best plan for your needs and situation. Our experienced estate planning attorneys are here to help you take advantage of the benefits available to you by law. You can count on us to listen carefully and respond quickly to your concerns considering asset protection.

Have you had any of the following legal documentations prepared to protect yourself and the ones you love?

Living Trust
Last Will & Testament
Power of Attorney

These documents are critical in defining and directing what will happen to your estate when you die, or in appointing who will make decisions if you cannot. Do not wait to have these documents created to protect your spouse, kids, and your assets. If you already have a trust, we can do a free review of what has actually been placed in the trust. The number one reason trusts fail is that they are not “funded.” In other words, your assets were not transferred to the trust. When this doesn’t happen, your trust fails and your estate goes to probate. A fully funded trust helps your loved ones avoid probate, which can cost 5-10% of the estate’s value.

If you don’t have an estate plan, or have concerns about yours, call Carrier Law to speak with an experienced estate planning attorney. Grand Rapids, MI families count on our knowledgeable staff to thoroughly explain and analyze their plans for the future. We’ll walk you through the details of each item in your estate plan, and ensure that you are completely comfortable before we move forward.

For more information about our services, contact our office by calling (616) 361-8400 or visit us online at In all areas of estate planning, Carrier Law is happy to guide clients from Norton Shores, Holland, the Lakeshore, portage, Battle Creek and other West Michigan areas.

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