Why Hearing Aids Don’t Work – Portage

There are no upcoming dates for this event.

Presented by Justin Shaw, HIS, ACA Audioprosthologist with Miracle Ear, Erin Harmon with ClearCaptions and Joyce Thorson with HARC


  • Discover the most common reasons people fail with hearing aids.
  • Learn about the most common Myths surrounding hearing loss.
  • Learn what has changed since your Grandfather wore hearing aids and how we creatively solve hearing challenges with the latest software.
  • What is a ClearCaptions phone and what are the benefits.
  • Is ClearCaptions really free?
  • How to get ClearCaptions installed in your home.
  • Products that provide hearing amplification, assistive communications products, and accessibility solutions.

Following the presentation, Justin will be conducting free video otoscopic inspections. You will be able to see the inside of your ear on a video screen to ensure you have no blockage. The video ear inspection can be helpful in understanding why you may be experiencing problems such as:

  • Having to turn the television up in order to understand or use closed captioning
  • Hearing but not understanding
  • Difficulty understanding in crowds such as restaurants
  • Frequently asking people to repeat themselves
  • People sounding like they are mumbling on the phone

No cost complimentary hearing evaluations will be offered any of the ten Miracle Ear locations in West Michigan for anyone in attendance. In the case treatment is prescribed and you choose to take the step toward better hearing you will be given a free battery charger or TV Streamer with the purchase of a compatible hearing aid.

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