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Planning Tomorrow’s Travel Today Webinar

Thursday, July 29 | 2:00PM-3:00PM | ZOOM Webinar

In this Zoom VIRTUAL workshop, you will learn:

  • Travel concerns to consider due to the pandemic
  • Advice for the novice traveler
  • Personal approach to travel – individually planned, group travel, “bubble travel”
  • Do your homework beforehand! Great websites and programs to check out.
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Presented by

Christine Friedt

About Christine: Travel is addictive! I believe having the ability to experience other lands and cultures, as well as our own great country, is one of life’s many blessings. I’ve lived in West Michigan for more than 30 years and I bring extensive travel experience to the weTravel community. I’ve worked as a trip escort, facilitating more than 50 trips to over 35 countries for group travel providers over the past 17 years.

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Thursday, July 29 at 2PM

Two hours that can change your life.

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