In this Zoom VIRTUAL workshop, you will learn:

  • Responsibilities of a Trustee
  • Does a Trustee get paid from the estate
  • Who does the Trustee pay and when
  • What to do with Mom and Dad’s “stuff”
  • How long does the process take
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Presented by

Lea Dillard, Attorney

About Lea: Lea has helped many Carrier Law families navigate Trust Administration following the death of a loved one. “I very much enjoy working with the Trustee and families throughout the process of trust administration, especially assisting the Trustee in getting the assets to the beneficiaries.” Lea was born and raised in, and has a love for, West Michigan. Before law school, Lea attended Michigan State University where she was a proud member of the Spartan Marching Band.



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Two hours that can change your life.

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