Honoring All Who Served

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woman receiving flowers at carrier law veterans day dinner david carrier speaking with a veteran at veterans day dinner and salute veteran wearing coat with united states flag at veterans day dinner at heritage life story funeral home a veteran couple enjoys dinner at the heritage life story funeral home in grand rapids a group of veterans share stories at carrier law military artifacts on display at the 2021 veterans day dinner and salute a couple enjoys dinner while the band plays at the veterans day dinner women visitors check out the women A host from heritage life story funeral home greets guests at the veterans day dinner and salute men

Scenes from the
Veteran’s Day Dinner & Salute


The Veterans Day Dinner and Salute occurred on Friday, November 5, 2021 at Heritage Life Story Funeral Home in
Grand Rapids.


The West Michigan Military Round Table Association presented a uniform, weapons and equipment display of amazing time pieces and artifacts which took guests on a journey of how the military has evolved throughout our history.

This dinner and event was free to all veterans and their families

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