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Baffled, Bemused, Bebothered, Bewildered? Photographic Proof From Library Of Congress

Disastrous Afghanistan Skedaddle
afghanistan withdrawal train wreck

Historic Inflation, Consumer And Wholesale
inflation and economy train wreck

recession and economy train wreck

Russia Ukraine Diplomacy
russia ukraine diplomacy train wreck

China Taiwan Diplomacy
china taiwan diplomacy train wreck

Infant Formula Fiasco
baby formula fiasco train wreck

Iran Nuclear Surrender
iran nuclear surrender train wreck

Trillion Dollar Rich-Kid Student Loan Giveaway
student loan forgiveness train wreck

Falling Off Stationary Bicycle
biden bike fall train wreck

2 Trillion Dollar Spending Spree
“American Rescue Plan” “Inflation Reduction Act”

inflation reduction act train wreck

And All The Rest… Add Your Favorite Here
government train wrecks

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Government Empties Strategic Petroleum Reserve, Shuts Down U.S. Oil And Gas Production

Funnels Hundreds Of Billions To Corrupt Climate Cronies

How Did Americans Travel Before They Had Horses?
early american travel horse and wagons

They Had Trucks
american travel pickup trucks

How Did Americans Read Before They Had Candles?
early american light by candles

They Had Electric Lights
early american electric light lamp

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Images Credit To Library Of Congress



New Numbers: Inflation Train Wreck Continues

(Still Not Making This Stuff Up)

producer price index ppi august 2022

Want to know how bad it is? Ask the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Forget the hype, the spin, the Washington fandango. Here’s what they admit!

Good News! Social Security payments increasing!

Not nearly so much as your Medicare premiums and the cost of everything else. So you will fall farther behind. But hey! Social Security payments are up. Hurrah.

consumer price index cpi august 2022



Is It A Bad Idea To Get Some Payback On Your Taxes?

Vaporized Like A Snowflake On A Hot Griddle

Is It Fun To See Your Lifesavings Imploding At $12,000 Per Month?

America is getting older. So are you.

There are fewer young people. More older people.

Older people need care. Older people need younger people to provide that care. But there are fewer younger people.

Demand for care is up. Supply of caregivers is down. Prices for care are skyrocketing.

Everyone knows someone who has gone broke. Not from the casino. Not from credit card debt. Not from too many toys. Someone who has gone broke from long-term care.

Basic at home care: $30+/hour. Nursing care at home: $60+hour.
Basic Assisted Living: $6000/month
Basic Nursing Home: $10,000-12,000-15,000+/ month

Everyone knows that care is expensive and getting worse.

Simple steps taken now will preserve your lifesavings, home, dignity and provide well for your surviving spouse.

But some foolish folks ignore their own lives. Whistling past the graveyard. Focus on death… who gets my stuff? No care for their surviving spouse.

Is it wrong to get some payback for the tax dollars that you have paid in?

Are you opposed to making the rest of your life the best it can be?

Is it fair to burden your spouse, family, or friends when help is right there for the asking?

Has your success in life come from burying your head in the sand?

Why hasn’t your estate planner, lawyer, financial advisor informed you? Why have you been misinformed?

Is Now A Bad Time To Explore Lifeplanning™?

Thousands and thousands of local families have already experienced the benefits. Do you deserve nursing home poverty? Do you wish to leave nothing for your family? Is it a ridiculous idea that you should get the care you have already paid for?


No one has all the answers but is this the wrong time to start asking questions?

Is finding the best care easy? Is getting lost in the overwhelming flood of claims and promises a good idea? Are you opposed to straight answers?

Ignore the message? Invite poverty? Or get the freely offered information. To make wise decisions. For you. For your loved ones.

The LifePlan™ Workshop has been the first step on the path to security and peace for thousands of others. Why not you?

It is not chance. It is choice. Your choice.

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