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Just The Facts Ma’am. All Good Stuff Without Bad Fluff

Is The World Changing? What Can You Do To Succeed?

You yourself are getting older. You expect to live longer. And healthier. Than any generation ever. In the history of the world. And you are correct. Has there ever been a generation quite like this one? Higher expectations. Greater achievement. Self-confidence. Ambition. Generosity.

Thanks to you, America is getting older. We grew up in an era of large families. Today a large family is three. Many of your kids have no kids. Maybe one or two. How often do you see a family of five? Youngsters are a shrinking slice of the population pie.

As folks get older, they have greater needs. No surprise. Physical and mental capabilities decline. It happens. But not at age 60 or 70, anymore. However, when we get to our mid-80’s, about half of us are going to need a hand. Who will be there to lend the hand?

Nurses are sick. And tired. Sick and tired of nursing. Hundreds of thousands have left the profession. Despite high pay. And bonuses. Other caregivers are under stress too. Good help is hard to find. My father had 8 kids (and a long-suffering son-in-law). Willing and able to spend 2-to-4 week turns with our active, ornery, mentally alert, Dad. For the last two years of his 96 years on this planet. How many of us have that many kids? How many are able? How many are willing? Who will fill the gap? How will those caregivers be paid?

Prices are going up. Way up. Way way up. No one should be fooled by the three-card monte scam being run out of Washington, D.C. Inflation is not just gasoline. Inflation is not just “transitory.” Or the Russians’ fault. Or the “supply chain.” Inflation destroys savings. Your savings. You thought you had enough to pay the caregivers. Maybe you should think again?

Is this tiresome and boring? After all, everybody knows these things. You know this is the truth. Go to the gas station or grocery store. Talk to your friends and neighbors, at church or the club. Why deny the evidence of your own eyes? And wallet?

Pathetic politicians and profiteering professionals pretend nothing has changed. Same old, same old. Their ideas failed when everything was easier. That’s all they’ve got. No new thinking. No response to the changing world.

Retreads. Like Russia hauling 60-year-old tanks out of cold storage to keep invading a country that is armed with modern weapons Anything to keep playing the old game. Blind stupidity: failed with our new stuff, so let’s fail again with our old stuff. Keep up the charade long enough to fleece another few suckers. Why does anyone fall for it?

Can’t we be brutally honest? Can’t we look around with clear eyes, good hearts, and a fierce determination to keep our independence, our right to choose our lives, and to make a better world for our families? Who says we must accept decline? Who says we must put up with this nonsense? Who says we must follow the well-trod path? Can’t we choose the “road less-taken”? You have forged your own way through this life with grace, compassion, and generosity, why stop now?

Just a few pebbles start a landslide. A little snowball launches an avalanche. Small changes in thinking about your future, acting and planning for your life to come, can change everything over time. Are you opposed to making the next 10, 20, 30 years the best they can be? Are you against securing your own future and that of your family? Do you believe that “Ignorance is Bliss”? Do you reject that “Knowledge is Power”?

No one would blame you for thinking this is all a lot of blather. But everything above is backed up by the facts. Laid out below. You don’t need clever talk. Just the facts. And here they are:

covid death spikes

You Are Going To Be Around A Lot Longer Than You Think

Doesn’t everybody know Americans are living longer? Murder rates are up, but that’s mostly 20 to 30-year-olds killing other 20 to 30-year-olds. COVID, the Elder Plague, did kill more older folks. From 2020 to 2021, an extra million Americans died. Blip.

However, the overall trend to longer life continues. And that means you. You are living longer. Good for you. Right? Why shouldn’t you plan to live until 80? 85? 90? Or more? Get used to it, you are living longer. And so are your friends and neighbors.

life expectancy graph

If people are living longer, will they need more resources? If you are living longer, will you need to make your own savings last longer? Or will you happily accept poverty? Or a government handout?

There Will Be A Lot More Older Folks In America And Fewer Young Ones

Everybody knows, as life expectancies increase, there are more and more older Americans. Despite the Elder Plague of COVID, which overwhelmingly killed older folks. And given the lower birth rate, not only will there be more seniors, but seniors will be a greater proportion of the population.

It is unusual, but sometimes government information confirms common sense.

older adult population

Isn’t it simple math: if older retired folks make up a larger and larger percentage, then younger, working people must be a smaller and smaller slice of the population pie?

You Are Not Getting Older, You Are Getting Better!
Up To A Point About Age 80, Then You Fall Off The Cliff…

Modern medical miracles are miraculous. But we all know that as we age, various things start to become troublesome. As lifetimes increase, there are more and more older Americans. Is it crazy to think that as there are more and more older Americans, there might be more and more disabled Americans? That’s what the numbers say.

disabilities by age and type chart

Where Have All The Nurses Gone?

Is anyone surprised that as more Americans need more nursing assistance, we will look to America’s nurses? But where have all the nurses gone? Even now, historically high wages, signing bonuses, premium pay, special benefits, and a smorgasbord of other goodies cannot keep nurses nursing.

Hundreds of thousands have dropped out of the profession in the last few years. Only 41% of practicing nurses are committed to remaining in service. 27% saying it was “very unlikely” they would quit. 14% flatly stated that they were “not leaving.” The rest range from “definitely leaving” to “somewhat unlikely” to depart.

When you need a nurse, who will be there? When you need a caregiver, who will answer the call? And how much will you have to pay? Can you?

nursing survey
Source: McKinsey November 2021 Frontline Workforce Survey

Inflation – Bad And Getting Worse. Much Worse

Gone to the gas station or grocery store recently? Then you already have the bad news on inflation. Prices going up, up, up. It is not an illusion. Hard at work spending your tax dollars, the Bureau of Labor Statistics provides the following melancholy reminder that your consumer dollars are melting away like snowflakes on a hot griddle.

And that is bad. What is worse, is the next chart. Take a look!

consumer price index chart

What is worse than prices at the pump skyrocketing? Future prices streaking to the stratosphere, that’s what! Thanks to the geniuses in Washington, you are already paying lots more than last year for your stuff. About 8.5% more. What about next year?

The “Producer Price Index” shows what raw materials cost. How do you manufacture finished goods? You start with raw materials. Raw materials now cost 16.3% more than a year ago. Do you believe that inflation is going away? Do you believe that the geniuses have it all under control? Do you believe in the Easter Bunny, the Loch Ness Monster, and the Lost City of Atlantis?

producer price index

If everything is more expensive, will the costs of long-term care be more expensive? Is it ridiculous to think that ignoring the devastation of inflation will ruin your retirement?

Secure Your Future, Avoid Nursing Home Poverty

Too much brutal honesty? Don’t want to see with clear eyes, good hearts, and a fierce determination to keep your independence? Choose your own life? Make this a better world for your family?

Must you accept decline? Must you put up with this nonsense? Why should you follow mindless path? Why not choose the “road less- taken”? Having forged your own way through this life with grace, compassion, and generosity, why would you stop now?

Why are you opposed to making the next 10, 20, 30 years the best they can be? Why are you against securing your own future and that of your family? Why do you believe that “Ignorance is Bliss”? Why reject that “Knowledge is Power”?

Why not come to a LifePlan™ Workshop? What do you have to lose? Besides everything?



Letters, We Get Letters!

Lady Byng Trophy* Withdrawn Marquess Of Queensbury Rules** Repealed And Anonymous Emails Too!

What, Me Throw Stones? Challenge Accepted!

We like to think we are genteel, well-mannered, calm, “with the milk of human kindness by the quart in every vein.” Shattering this self-delusion, a dear anonymous email correspondent recently suggested that your Reporter must live in a stainless-steel abode. After all, was not The Reporter throwing too many stones for his own good? Probably meant as a gentle warning. Food for thought!

On the other hand, as John Bunyan observed in 1650: “He that is down needs fear no fall, He that is low no pride…” With a lively appreciation of The Reporter’s own faults, foibles, and failings (multitudinous!) therefore, we soldier on. Without fear or favor!

*Annually, the Lady Byng Trophy is awarded to the National Hockey League player best exhibiting “sportsmanship and gentlemanly behavior.”

**In 1867, the M of Q Rules for boxing were intended to reduce death and maiming of English pugilists. Mike Tyson unavailable for comment.

Avoid Probate, Save Taxes, Get To Kids?
Traditional Planning Is Death Planning
And When You Die Broke, Drained By Long-Term Care, Probate Is Irrelevant

Traditional estate planning is supposed to avoid probate, save taxes, and dump your leftover stuff on your beneficiaries. After you die. Nobody cares what happens to you while you are alive. How does that help anyone? Stupid.

Traditional estate planning fails because the overwhelming majority of us will need long-term skilled care. 70% of us. For an average of 3 years. And we will go broke paying for it.

Is it surprising that thousands of recreation properties: cottages, cabins, hunting land, are lost to pay for long-term care? Why is your estate planner hurting you and your family? It is evil intent? Or stupidity?

LifePlanning™ defeats Nursing Home Poverty. Keep your stuff. Get the care you have already paid for. Good for you. Good for your family. Good example for society.

When my mother suffered from the dementia which led to her death, over 10 years ago, their estate plan preserved their lifesavings. Mom’s months in the nursing home did not mean Dad’s impoverishment. Dad spent the last years with security and peace of mind.

Is Now A Bad Time For A Real Solution?

Perhaps you think you already have an answer to this problem. Maybe you do not see this as a problem at all. It is possible that you do not believe in the passage of time or its effects on you.

Peace of mind and financial security are waiting for everyone who practices LifePlanning™. You know that peace only begins with financial security. Are legal documents the most important? Is avoiding probate the best you can do for yourself or your loved ones? Is family about inheritance? Or are these things only significant to support the foundation of your family?

Do you think finding the best care is easy? Do you want to get lost in the overwhelming flood of claims and promises? Or would you like straight answers?

Well, here you are. Now you know. No excuses. Get the information, insight, inspiration. It is your turn. Ignore the message? Invite poverty? Or get the freely offered information. To make wise decisions. For you. For your loved ones.

The LifePlan™ Workshop has been the first step on the path to security and peace for thousands of families. Why not your family?

It is not chance. It is choice. Your choice.

Get Information Now. (800) 317-2812

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Trillions Of Deficit Dollars, Years Of Ridiculous Rules

Child Victims: Speech Pathology, Suicide, Isolation

If You Call The Tune, Do You Have To Pay The Piper?

Ever go to Florida in the winter? Or just remember that first warm day of spring when you simply had to go to The Lake. Once upon a winter dreary, while you shivered weak and weary… But now it’s bright sunny summer sunshine! Pull on your bathing suit… who needs a shirt? Sunscreen? That’s for July! Stretch out on the sand… ahhh! Time for a nap… so nice!

Six hours later… Red as that lobster you had for lunch. Burnt to a tender pink crisp. You’re gonna need an ocean… of Solarcaine lotion. (If you are melaninically endowed and cannot personally relate to this scenario, ask a friend who is not so fortunate.)

Ever have a few too many? Maybe your 18th birthday when you were finally “legal”. Perhaps New Year’s Eve. Last Saturday night? Gosh that was fun! You were the life of the party. Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends! Until closing time. You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.

Next morning… the Russian Army has been camping out on your tongue. Wearing felt boots. Some S.O.B. replaced your brain with hot sand.

Then substituted poached eggs for your eyeballs. Why can’t you feel your legs? What is that awful smell? Is there Alka-Seltzer in the house?!

Saturday and your kid is finally moving out. To their own home/apartment/cave/who really cares? You are helping. Is it parental pride and love? Or do you just want to make sure? Hard to say. But you are happy to tote that barge, lift that bale, carry that couch, relocate that refrigerator.

Sunday… hey, not so bad, there’s life in the old dog yet. Monday… you are immobilized. Egyptians carved on pyramid walls are more flexible than you. Everything hurts and nothing works. All at the same time. There’s not enough ibuprofen. In the world.

Back when we were young, ignorant, idiotic, immature, woke, we could kid ourselves that our actions had no lasting consequences. Do you still believe that? Chickens never come home to roost?

Truth Or Consequences

Do you remember the pre-COVID time? Was it that long ago? Things were different then.

You know that governments have always printed phony fiat money. That is what politicians do. And it is so easy. But once there was a sense of proportion. The politicians would not go “too far.”

And then COVID said, “You can go too far if you want to!” That is why government created trillions of ersatz dollars. Outright thieves stole billions through naked fraud. Ordinary working folks learned too. You can get more money staying home than working. Brilliant! Businesses got billions more in free “loans” and tax credits. Billions more were loaned to feeble firms on skimpy security at insignificant interest rates for 30 years. Repayment deferred for the first 24 months.

Did you think this government geyser of bogus bucks would Build Back Better? Did you think prodigal printing of demon dollars would eliminate the emergency? Did you enthusiastically endorse the Washington wizards who cooked up this cockamamie crapfest?

Small businesses lost and gone forever. Dreadful sorry, Clementine. More small businesses reduced to financial zombies, hooked on government hand- outs, staggering, ready to collapse. Inflation the highest in 40 years. Young children, deprived of ordinary human contact, suffering from speech pathologies at unprecedented rates. Teen suicide more deadly than teen COVID.

TRUTH: Bizarrely, some folks want to let the “good” times roll on. Having already spent trillions of your grandchildren’s dollars on “infrastructure” (a word which means whatever they want it to mean), they want more. They always want more.

CONSEQUENCE: Inflation is the highest in 40 years. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

consumer price index chart selected categories

TRUTH: Some folks want to scare you into believing that COVID kills kids. Not true now. Never been true. COVID is the Elder Plague. If you are over 70, it can be a killer. Your Elder Law Reporter has been saying so for years. All the reliable, scientific, government-approved information has been consistent on this point.

CONSEQUENCE: Children subjected to extreme, debilitating restrictions based on fear, not fact. And now that the public opinion polls are turning against them, power-grabbing politicians have suddenly discovered science. They are running away from their own rules. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

covid weekly cases and deaths

TRUTH: Children need to interact with one another to grow up healthy and smart. Shutting classrooms and masking faces deprives kids of the experiences they need to live good, productive, satisfying lives. Or even speak clearly.

CONSEQUENCE: “We’ve seen a 364% patient increase in patient referrals of babies and toddlers from pediatricians and parents,” said Jaclyn Theek, a clinic director and speech-language pathologist at the Speech and Learning Institute in North Palm Beach, Florida.

Theek said that during this pandemic, her speech therapy clinic has seen an enormous shift in the ages of its patients. Before the pandemic, only 5% of patients were babies and toddlers, while today it’s soared to 20%. Many parents call it “COVID- delayed.” WPBF News, ABC 25.

What Does Any Of This Have To Do With LifePlanning™?

Remember supply and demand? What do you suppose happens if your supply of health care providers are burned out and quitting? And they are burned out and quitting, according to a U.S. National Institutes of Health study: Burnout in United States Healthcare Professionals: A Narrative Review.

Burnout has reached rampant levels among United States (US) healthcare professionals, with over one-half of physicians and one-third of nurses experiencing symptoms. The burnout epidemic is detrimental to patient care and may exacerbate the impending physician shortage.

Another study, by the Florida Atlantic University’s School of Nursing finds:

The survey reports that nearly 37 percent of nurses identify as being burned out, stressed and/ or overworked.
*** 29 percent of nurses say their desire to leave the profession is dramatically higher now versus pre-pandemic
*** 66 percent of nurses expressed some level of consideration to leave the profession, signaling long-term impacts on our health system post-pandemic.

Is it ridiculous to think that if you have fewer nurses, you would have to pay more to hire the nurses that are still available?

Have you ever wondered what a nursing home costs? Wonder no longer.

But does a nursing facility charge real people that much money? How would you like to get this bill in the mail?

And another the next month and for each month thereafter? Pandemic burn out, plus the “age wave” of Baby Boomers surging into long-term care facilities or requiring at-home care, means that these skyrocketing prices are not over yet.

State Of Michigan Admits Long-Term Care Costs Are Soaring

Each year, the State of Michigan, through its Bridges Eligibility Manual, tells us how much a month in a long-term care facility should cost. This year, the number is up almost 10%. Michigan believes that skilled nursing costs Nine Thousand Eight Hundred Eighty Dollars ($9880) each month.

How will you pay for that? How will you avoid nursing home poverty? How will you make sure caregivers get paid? How will you provide for the next generation? That is what LifePlanning™ is all about.

Is Now A Bad Time For A Real Solution?

Perhaps you already have all the answers. Maybe this is no problem at all. Possibly you do not believe in the passage of time.

Your habits and values have earned you peace of mind and financial security. LifePlanning™ is the easy part. You worked for the peace that only comes with financial security. What is most important, legal documents? Avoiding probate, is that the best you can do? Is family about inheritance? Or are the deeper things most significant?

Is any of this easy? Do you want to get lost in the overwhelming flood of claims and promises? Or would you like straight answers?

medical bill account summary

Well, here you are. Now you know. No excuses. Get the information, insight, inspiration. It is your turn. Ignore the message? Invite poverty? Or get the freely offered information. To make wise decisions. For you. For your loved ones.

The LifePlan™ Workshop has been the first step on the path to security and peace for thousands of families. Why not your family?

No Poverty. No Charity. No Waste.
It is not chance. It is choice. Your choice.

Get Information Now. (800) 317-2812

You know. Everyone knows. COVID Elder Plague facts are familiar. Well known. Nothing to argue about. Victims are overwhelmingly older. Most in long-term care facilities. Tragic, infuriating truth: nursing home residents are 70 times more likely to die of COVID. Government Policies, Executive Orders have been deadly.

Are COVID rates rising among the young? Not really. U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) consistently show 95% of COVID deaths among those over 50 years old. Surprised? Check it out: https://covid.cdc.gov/covid-data-tracker/#demographics

Even now, some state bureaucrats mishandle COVID vaccinations. Fatal delays for elders. The CDC initially showed Michigan’s vaccination rate among the worst. Hapless officials offered technical-sounding “dog ate my homework” type excuses. Weeks later, current CDC data shows Michigan still lags. See for yourself: https://covid.cdc.gov/covid-data-tracker/#vaccinations Michigan elders are paying with their lives.

MEDICAID PROGRAM – Pace Expansion Is A Big Deal

Emergency, limited changes to the Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (“PACE”). New opportunities for thousands of families. At-home care without more sacrifice. You can keep your lifesavings, cottage, farm, rental properties, business. No Poverty! By following the rules. Care services: free – fair return for what you paid in. Income: keep it. No co-pay, doughnut hole or other bamboozling malarkey.

We helped dozens secure at-home care for their loved ones. Belief: PACE saved many families from the deadly COVID virus stalking long-term care facilities.

“COVID-19 emergency rules are temporary. The benefits are permanent. When the emergency is over, these favorable rules will be gone.” Lifesaving benefits for a lifetime.

The special rules originally expired November 1, 2020. But were extended to April 1, 2021. Seemed like a long time, right? Unfortunately, the extra time is almost up. Like sands through the hourglass… Tick tock. One last chance for your family to get back a little of what you paid in. It is a big deal. And it is almost gone.

PACE itself is not going away. PACE will continue to provide quality of life to Middle-class Michigan. PACE has served us well since 1969. Not going nowhere. What is going away are the favorable eligibility rules that have saved so much for so many families. Soon it will be more expensive. More complex. More difficult. More challenging. What is your excuse to delay?

Threat To Middle Class Security

You are Middle-class Michigan. You have worked and saved. Since you were 10 years old. You and your spouse have a bit set aside. You are fine! But then…

You are caring for your loved one at home. You applied for help. Rejected! Too much income. Too much savings. A cottage, a business, a farm, stocks, bonds, IRA.

Your financial advisor, the accountant, your lawyer. All say the same thing: You must “spend down” all you have achieved. No help until you are broke.

Healthy Skepticism Or Deadly Doubt?

COVID emergency rules changed all that! Many more families can get the PACE benefits they earned. Yours included? Tragically, some refuse to believe it is possible. Healthy skepticism hardens into stubborn rejection. Everyone suffers. Clinging to the idea that it is “too good to be true” or “fake news”? Pitiful. Talk to folks who are uncertain and suspicious. Accurate information and proof beat unfounded fears every day. Fact: You do not have to accept nursing home poverty for yourself or your loved one.

Do You Or Your Loved One Qualify?

Answer Yes To 3 Questions:

  • 1. Need help with activities of daily life? Memory problems? Cognition issues? Daily oxygen therapy? Blindness? Dialysis? These are just a few of the many ways to qualify.
  • 2. Are you safe at home?
  • 3. 2021 Social security (gross) less than $2382? (Special strategies to reduce pension income.)

We can do the homework together. Most families benefit. Hugely. But it costs nothing to find out.

Get Answers Now: (800) 317-2812

What Are The Benefits?

What can PACE do for me? Why not find out? Your team is standing by. PACE is doctors, therapists, dieticians, nurses, physician assistants, administrators. All working together to provide your best solution. Want more detail? Call us.

PACE includes:
On-Site Physician/Medical Supervision; Nursing Care; Physical Therapy; Occupational Therapy; Recreational Therapy; Activities and Exercise; Breakfast, Lunch, Snack; Nutritional Counseling; Social Services; Dental Care; Audiology; Optometry; Podiatry; Women’s Services; Dentistry and Dentures; Optometry and Eyeglasses; Audiology and Hearing Aids; Podiatry, Diabetic Shoes and Orthotics; Cardiology; Rheumatology; Lab Tests; Radiology; X-Rays; Outpatient Surgery; Primary Care Physician: On call 24 hours a day, seven days a week; Physical and Occupational Therapy; Personal Care; Chore Services; Meal Preparation; Emergency Room Visits; Hospitalizations; Inpatient Specialist; Skilled Inpatient Rehabilitation; Transportation Services; Prescriptions; Over-the-Counter Medicines; Transportation; Respite Care and Caregiver Education; Wheelchairs; Walkers; Oxygen; Hospital Beds; Diabetic Testing Supplies; Adult Day Care.

No Poverty. No Handouts. No Waste.

Your team is united by 3 goals and 1 mission.

  • 1. No Poverty. Your family will NOT go broke.
  • 2. No Handouts. You paid for these benefits with a lifetime of work and taxes. You earned this.
  • 3. No Waste. Your beneficiaries get whatever is left. For certain. No crazy fees. No probate.

Mission: We make the rules work for the folks who play by the rules.

How Much Time Do You Think You Have? Why Waste It?

Get the straight story. Your loved one is counting on you. Satisfy yourself that you have the right information. It is simple and free. Your Discovery meeting is just a couple days away. Looking forward to meeting you.

Every PACE case. Every Medicaid case. Every long-term case. Each case is exhaustively documented and thoroughly prepared. Each case is audited. Each case must be correct. There is no margin for error. “Close” is not good enough. “Almost” equals loss. We do not tolerate, cheer, or accept failure. Not an option. Because your family is on the line. Your life work is at stake. It must be done right. And that takes time.

GET ANSWERS NOW. (800) 317-2812