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Know Before You Go!

Can we all agree that car insurance is confusing! Our politicians promised us new auto insurance laws to save us big money. How’s that been working out? Starting July 2, 2020, and as we renew our insurance, we drivers are supposed to save millions! So far, the savings are… underwhelming.

Risks are increasing. Everyone is used to having unlimited personal injury coverage. Not anymore. Now coverage is limited and cheaper. And the other guy can sue you for the difference. Will car accident attorneys like that? Will insurance companies like that? Aren’t you glad our politicians simplified things?

Unlimited Coverage for You!

Do you want to worry? No! You get the maximum coverage. The other guy CRASHES into you. The other guy has low or no personal injury coverage. Who is suing you? The other guy. What does he want? Your income, savings, house, whatever. Why? His unpaid medical bills. Is that fair?

But you are fine. You paid extra for unlimited coverage. No worries! Right? Wrong. That only covers your medical bills. Not that guy’s. Glad we saved all that money on car insurance.

Low or No Personal Injury Coverage for You!

Let’s save some money. No or low personal injury coverage for yourself. Bad accident? Sue the other guy! Good luck. Need long-term care after the accident? Welcome to the jungle of long-term care. Annual skilled nursing easily costs over $120,000. How long can you pay that before going broke? And when you are flat broke, Medicaid is your only resource.

All is Not Lost: Protect Yourself.

Proper Planning means peace of mind. Secure your life savings, home, cottage, business. Get quality care AND preserve resources to supplement that care. Tested, effective strategies mean you are not going broke. Life Savings Protected. Life Choices Respected.

Before You Renew Your Auto Insurance! Three Quick Tips

You have been driving forever. Remember your sixteenth birthday? You camped outside the Secretary of State’s office to be first in line for the driving test. You love driving! Except. Except that annual letter from the insurance company.

Life Is Not Tough Enough Already, You Need More Complexity

Well, that letter has gotten worse. Much worse. You have already received the first confusing communication. Telling you that Michigan’s No-Fault Automobile Insurance Law has changed. Great! Now you now have options! How much Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage? What about lawsuit liability? A whole menu of choices! Please select the ones you want. Like you, I too got that confusing letter. And if you are like me, your first answer was “How the heck should I know?!”

Where The Rubber Hits The Road

You are injured in a car accident. Your PIP pays you. PIP covers your accident medical expenses. PIP pays 85% of lost wages for 3 years. PIP pays for replacement services.
Under the old law, your medical expenses were fully covered, without limit. Now, you choose how much PIP will pay.

Three Handy Hints

Do not change your PIP coverage on impulse. I suggest:

  • 1. Wait for a year. Give it a looksee first. Then, thoughtfully, change your coverage.
  • 2. Talk to somebody who knows this stuff. Call your insurance agent. Are cost savings worth increased risk?
  • 3. Buy an umbrella! An umbrella insurance policy, that is. Umbrella policies are cheap. Umbrella policies cover what other policies do not. Think about it!


Life Planning™ Means Security

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