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Our eyes can tell us much about our overall health; some issues can only be detected through a comprehensive eye exam.

The phrase “You can’t take it with you” may be true, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a plan for your assets once you’re gone.

Ball Of Confusion, That’s What The World Is Today… Hey, Hey” Earth, Wind & Fire

Happy Days Are Here Again. The Mail Bag Is Full Again!

You Can Take Away My Summer… When You Pry It From My Cold Dead Fingers!

Impassioned Advocacy With Mutual Respect And Logic?

July At The Lake: A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Or …Now Is The Winter Of Our Discontent!?

Keeping It Short & Snappy! Good Stuff, No By-Products.

Why the World is Crazy. Sanity Starts With You.

Skyrockets in Flight… Your Letter’s a Delight

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