While you’ve been busy building a wonderful life for yourself, the Carrier team has been working hard to protect our middle-class way of life from the new Death Tax, nursing home poverty, and Probate.

No matter what “Advice” you may have had from mainstream “planners” or your brother-in-law… After just 30 minutes with your LifePlan™ advocate, you’ll see things with greater clarity and precision than ever before.

By skillfully weaving together the threads of family, occupation, recreation, money, your LifePlan™ advocate can FORM a range of plan options tailored to YOUR situation, your family. Which FORM fits best? Your advocate is your guide, the decision is up to YOU!

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Situation still developing? Not sure where to turn?

The FREE LifePlan™ Workshop is the just the thing for you! Two hours that can change your life.

Tens of thousands of West Michigan families have attended our workshops over the past decades. You can find out what they already know: the exclusive Carrier LifePlan™ process that maximizes your freedom, by securing your financial assets. It’s fast-paced, fun (who knew?), moving and highly informative. See you there!

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