RPOA (Rental Property Owner’s Association) Workshop

There are no upcoming dates for this event.

Landlords and Property Owners: What keeps you up at night?


  • Injuries on the property
  • Rent and Security deposit disputes
  • 3 a.m. plugged toilet calls

Every tenant could be a potential lawsuit. You can protect yourself and your personal assets.

  • Improper legal filings
  • No operating agreement
  • Changing and confusing laws

You may have an LLC/Corporation/Limited Partnership, but is it set up properly? Is your family safe from lawsuits? Learn about the Business Protection Trust and alleviate your worries.

As Rental Property Owners, you know what I’m talking about!

You want the best for your tenants, neighbors and neighborhoods. How can we earn (and collect) reasonable returns for all the hours, dollars, sweat and tears that we pour into our properties? How can we minimize the constant annoyances and real threats to our prosperity and security? Where would your tenants be without your care, concern and willingness to do the hard work of providing safe and comfortable housing? And why shouldn’t your entrepreneurial spirit reward you as well as the those you provide with shelter? You’ve gained a measure of success in following your real estate mission, but could it be that you’ve forgotten some of the basic A,B,C’s of protecting your own family, your own dreams, your own prosperity?
Register today and learn from the expert in Estate Planning and Business Planning.

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