How to Get Medicaid to Pay for Your Long-Term Care!

Don’t let the cost of long-term care deplete your life savings! Learn how to qualify for Medicaid benefits without losing your assets and everything you’ve worked so hard to obtain.

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Medicaid Crisis Help:

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Need help fast? Our families count on us when they need answers regarding a loved one and we are always here to help. We understand it’s never easy to deal with these situations and we strive to simplify the process for you and take some of the weight off of your shoulders.

During these stressful and turbulent events, it helps to know that we are here to help you take the appropriate steps to benefit your loved one and safeguard your family’s future.

Our Medicaid Crisis Attorneys Provide Guidance During Uncertain Times

No crisis or situation is too big or too small for our Grand Rapids Medicaid crisis team. If you and your family are worried about the future because of an injury that occurred to your elderly loved one, our firm stands ready to advise you of your options and help you in selecting the most appropriate course of action.

Some of the crises we have assisted other clients with over the course of our firm’s existence include:

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  • Loved one can no longer remain at home: When a mental or physical condition robs a loved one of his or her mental faculties or freedom of movement, it may become impossible for his or her family members to continue to provide in-home care. The loved one may need to be moved to a nursing home facility that can provide additional services and supervision. We may be able to help you arrange your loved one’s affairs so that Medicaid pays for these expenses.
  • Loved one needs to apply for Medicaid: There are certain eligibility requirements that must be met before a person will be eligible for Medicaid. Medicaid can help a person meet their short- and long-term medical needs, but only if the person actually qualifies for Medicaid benefits. We can help you understand the eligibility requirements for Medicaid in Michigan and to take steps to qualify for this program without liquidating your assets.
  • Loved one needs in-home care: Some Michigan residents may not know that Medicaid in Michigan can help provide for in-home nursing expenses. This allows your loved one to continue living at home while receiving the medical care he or she needs. We can help you apply for and obtain these important benefits.


Call a Grand Rapids Medicaid Crisis Lawyer Today

Let our firm resolve your crisis or question and help you regain control of your life during this time. We have nearly three decades of experience in helping Michigan families apply for and obtain Medicaid benefits under a variety of circumstances, and we can help you, too.


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