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Medicaid Bootcamp | Your Medicaid FAQs

Wednesday, December 15 | 12:00PM-1:00PM | ZOOM Webinar

Exclusive ZOOM Workshop for Skilled Nursing Facility professionals

Is it unreasonable to think the nursing facility should get paid for providing room, board, care, concern, and empathy for all the residents they serve?

At this webinar, it is your turn to ask the questions to Attorney David L. Carrier!

  • You have a married couple and the at-home spouse has an asset in her name only. Should this be reported?
  • The at-home spouse gave away an automobile that was registered in her name. Is this a divestment?
  • Should we recommend Lady Bird Deeds to avoid Estate Recovery?

Get your list ready for David to answer

NOTE: This webinar may go longer than an hour!

david carrier elder law and estate planning attorney

Presented by

David L. Carrier


About David: Estate Planning and Elder Law attorney with over 30 years’ experience. Saving families millions (and their homes from estate recovery) through proven strategies and successful Medicaid approval of thousands of applications.


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Wednesday, Dec. 15 at Noon

Two hours that can change your life.

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