Free LifePlan Workshop – Portage

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Our free, fun, info-packed workshops are held at Haworth Inn at Hope College. You’ll learn about LIFEPLAN™ Independence in a group setting where questions are encouraged and your concerns are front and center!
Our Team Is Committed To Your Success
Join Our LifePlan™ Workshop
Learn How To:
✓ Cope with rapidly changing laws that affect your family’s long term care options
✓ Pre-plan for financial peace of mind
✓ Preserve your life savings (even if your loved one has been in a nursing home for years)
✓ Get top quality nursing home care
✓ Obtain in-home skilled nursing care
✓ Reject “Medicaid Myths” & get essential benefits
✓ Get the Veterans Pension benefits you’ve earned
✓ Avoid probate and minimize taxes
Seating is limited! Call or email us today or use the above contact form to reserve your family’s place at the table.