Free LifePlan™ Workshop

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Our free, fun, info-packed workshops are held in our own brand new, state-of-the-art and very comfortable classroom at 4965 East Beltline Avenue NE by the host of West Michigan’s #1 legal radio show, Attorney David L. Carrier. David has been helping West Michigan families for over 20 years to Preserve What They Own, To Protect What They Value. The two-hour workshops fly by! Questions are encouraged and your concerns are front and center!
Our families have worked hard, raised families, contributed to the community, and value God and country. David believes, they should not have to spend their life savings should they need long term skilled care. Can you afford over $8000.00 a month for nursing home care? If you answered, “NO!”, then you need to learn the facts by coming to a LifePlan™ workshop.
Our Team Is Committed To Your Success.
Reserve Your Seat at Our LIFEPLAN™ Workshop with Attorney David L. Carrier 
Learn How To: 
✓ Cope with rapidly changing laws that affect your family’s long term care options.
✓ Pre-plan for financial peace of mind.
✓ Preserve your life savings (even if your loved one has been in a nursing home for years).
✓ Get top quality nursing home care.
✓ Obtain in-home skilled nursing care.
✓ Reject “Medicaid Myths” & get essential benefits.
✓ Get the Veterans Pension benefits you’ve earned.
✓ Avoid probate and minimize taxes.
Seating is limited! Call or email us today or use the above contact form to reserve your family’s place at the table. 

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