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Employee Retention Tax Credit

You Overpaid Your Employment Taxes

And You Don’t Want Your Overpayment Back?

During COVID, Congress offered small businesses a deal: keep your people employed. Keep paying them. Keep paying their benefits. Even if they don’t work. Even if governmental orders shut down your business. Even if your revenue falls off the cliff and crumbles.

Congress said if you do these things, we will adjust your employment taxes.

And, if you already overpaid employment taxes under the new law, you can have the extra money back.

Congress Turned Small Businesses Into America’s Unemployment Agency

Hundreds of thousands of small businesses went bust during the COVID.

Millions of Americans were thrown out of work. Millions of Americans applied for government unemployment benefits. They broke the system. Congress wanted you to be the new national unemployment agency.

Does Congress ever give anything away for free? Does Congress ever make anything easy? You overpaid your employment taxes because Congress changed the rules. Your tax advisors did not notice and so you paid too much. Should Congress keep the extra money?

All small business owners know that their biggest tax nightmare is Employment Taxes. But now the shoe is on the other foot. Congress changed the rules and you paid too much. Period.

If you do not ask for your money back, they will keep it. You must claim your overpayment quickly, by their rules, or your opportunity will be lost forever. The time to get your money back, your overpaid taxes under the new tax rules, is quickly running out.

  • Do you like to overpay?
  • Do you enjoy being cheated?
  • Do you like deals where you perform and the other guy scrams?
  • Can you stay in business by allowing others to walk all over you?
  • Can you thrive, grow, serve your clients, your customers, your team members and overpay your taxes too?
  • Why would you let your business be their doormat? Why would you leave your hard- earned money to a bully because you couldn’t be bothered to pick it up or even ask for it back?

Imagine the return of a few hundred thousand up to several million dollars of tax overpayments. Could that make a difference in your personal or to your business life? Do you think the government knows better than you do how to spend your money?

A Safe, Secure, Reliable Solution

Over 5000 small businesses who overpaid. About $1.5 billion of overpaid taxes claimed. More companies everyday have benefited from tax preparation services provided by a company created to serve this need of small businessmen and women. Carrier-Robins.

Tax Preparation Services from coast-to-coast.

Most of our overpaying taxpayers relied on CPA advice to keep them informed. They counted on payroll tax services to let them know what was happening. Based on this advice, thousands of tax paying businesses overpaid millions in employment taxes.

Our exhaustive methods leave no stone unturned. Make sure you get every penny back that you overpaid by error or by mistake because you were told to do so.

Find out quickly and easily just how much you overpaid. How much of your money is still in the IRS vault right now? It is simple and easy to get started. Simply call. “Rough and ready” estimates can be determined promptly.

And then, when we have analyzed your payroll records, your profit and loss statements, Payroll Protection Plan and other records, and most importantly interviewed you to determine your unique facts, we will reach the precise overpayment amount. Not a penny more, not a penny less.

Is a good idea to leave money on the table? Are you happy to overpay your taxes and not get the refund? Is it fair for the government to hold on to your money?


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