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June 1, 2023 – Storm Is Coming

Millions Will Lose Benefits… And Their Homes (We Warned You Before, We Are Warning You Again)

Millions of Americans, Thousands of Michiganders Rely On Medicaid For Long-Term Care

If you have not been paying attention to the basics, maybe this would be a good time to start.

Basic Fact #1

Fact: Long-term Care is Expensive. And Getting More Expensive. Rapidly.

Why: There are lots more older folks these days: Greatest Generation, Boomers. There are lots fewer younger folks to care for them. High Demand for Care PLUS Low Supply of Caregivers EQUALS Cost of Long-term Care through the roof.

Consequence: Older folks are going broke quicker than ever before. When folks go broke and need long-term care, Medicare does not pay. Only Medicaid pays for long-term care. Medicaid is highly regulated and unforgiving. You must strictly comply with all their bizarre rules or you lose. Your lifesavings. Your home. Your stuff.

Basic Fact #2

Fact: Medicaid demands a financial review EVERY YEAR. Every year Medicaid investigates you through “Asset Detection.” To catch you if you lied on your application. You must prove that you still qualify. This is called “Redetermination.”

Why: So bad people do not rip off the taxpayers. Pretty obvious. And catch honest mistakes. It happens.

Consequence: Strict compliance. No cheating. No “forgetting.” Or you lose benefits. Then get sued. Then they take your house. Or sue your kids.

Basic Fact #3

Fact: For the last 3+ years, because of COVID, Medicaid has not been checking up on anybody. Medicaid continued benefits to people who were obviously disqualified. And not so obviously disqualified.

Why: Lots of COVID dollars from the federal government. Shutdowns. Lockdowns. Cruel to deny benefits when an unspecified virus of unknown origin was killing everybody and ending life as we know it. Many, many reasons. COVID-time was crazy days.

Consequence: Millions of Medicaid beneficiaries lost track of what they were supposed to do. No accountability means no compliance. No compliance means disqualification.

Basic Fact #4

Fact: Eventually you run out of other people’s money. The COVID gravy train has gone off the rails. Federal debt is $30+ TRILLION. Our national credit card has melted. Vaporized.

Why: In disaster situations, leeches, hucksters, con artists, grifters, and politicians (but I repeat myself) take advantage of well-meaning efforts to fix the catastrophe. Money gets dumped on problems. Lots of money. Too much money. Maybe some of that money will do some good. But sooner or later, it must end. That time is now. More specifically, June 1, 2023.

Consequence: Millions of good, normal, taxpaying, making-the-best-of-it Americans did not keep up with Medicaid’s strict rules. They did not know what the rules were. Nobody enforced the rules. In effect, there were no rules. Until now. Accountability and Compliance are back.

Basic Fact #5

Fact: Millions of Americans have unknowingly violated Medicaid rules that pay for their long-term care.

Why: When rules are not enforced, there are no rules.

Consequence: Millions will lose their Medicaid benefits. Soon.

Basic Facts #6-8

Fact: Medicaid will pay long-term care facilities and allow certain exempt assets. Medicaid will pay and you can keep an automobile. Or your homestead. But if you are disqualified Medicaid will not pay.

Fact: If the long-term care facility is not paid, they will sue you to get paid. You have no money. But you have an automobile. You have a homestead.

Fact: The long-term care facility will seize your automobile. And homestead. And sell them. Now you have money. You will have to pay all the money. Until you are broke and back on the Medicaid.

Why: Somebody’s gotta pay. If not Medicaid, then you.

Consequence: Folks who did “Lady Bird deeds” believing that the homestead was “protected” are about to get a cold shower of reality.


Fact: It is not too late.

Why: If something can be broken, it can be fixed. (Unless you cheated on purpose, then Go To Jail, Do Not Pass GO, Do Not Collect $200.)

Consequence: Millions can save their Medicaid benefits. If they act. If they fix the noncompliance.

Here’s the Memo a certain law firm is sending to thousands of clients, starting with those actually receiving Medicaid benefits right now:

Get All You Need: Estate Planning Is Like Flying

Not so long ago, airline travel was for the few, the proud, the wealthy. It was not for you, except at great financial sacrifice. But golly, was it nice!

Today, we like to complain about getting packed in like cattle. The seats are smaller. Everything costs extra. People show up in their pajamas. (And if those aren’t pajamas, I’d like to know what you call ‘em!) Golly, it is just not so nice anymore!

On the other hand, if you want to go to Florida, today you have many choices. Even among the least expensive airlines. Fly to Florida, direct from home, with no connecting flights. Nonstop! $59 round trip! Amazing. The seat doesn’t recline. No free soda. No free peanuts. There are no movies. You pay extra for everything, but you only pay for the things you want.

You can still get dressed up if you want. If you really like being served lunch or dinner at 40,000 feet, sign up (and pay) for first class. Finally, if you are determined to burn through your life savings, why not fly in a private jet? For less than $60,000, I’m told you can fly round trip from Miami to Grand Rapids. If you want to.

Get What You Need At A Price You Can Afford

Something you already know about air travel. It is safe. Super safe. You are safer in the airplane way up high in the sky than when you are driving home from the airport. True fact.

You are as safe with your $59 ticket as you are with a $59,000 private jet. Plus, both options will get you to Orlando to visit the Mouse. And safely back home again. More simple truth.

Schedule, price, amenities… these sorts of decisions are now left to the airlines, and you, to decide. What do you value? Make your decision. That’s the American Way!

Do you suppose more choices at lower rates would inspire more Americans to fly? According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics (your tax dollars at work) airline travel exploded after deregulation! In 1975, before the airlines were set free to serve you, almost 197 million of your fellow Americans. Within 10 years that number practically doubled, to 363 million air travelers. By 2019, almost 5 times as many Americans enjoyed squeezing into little seats, listening to a safety briefing, and jetting off to their dream destination.

All these choices can be confusing. But do you want to surrender? Do you really want to go back to the old way of doing things? I didn’t think so.

Don’t Pick And Choose… Get Everything Price Reduced By 50-66%

What if you could have it all? Asset Protection. Long-term Care Protection. Full funding of your trust. Access to live counsel. Secure assets for yourself, your spouse, your family.

Avoid Probate. Save Taxes. Protect Leftovers for the kids.

If you want the old-fashioned, more expensive one-on-one process… great! We are not giving that up.

On the other hand, if you want all the results, at drastically reduced fees, perhaps you might consider a series of live and video meetings with other folks just like you.

1. In person: The LifePlan™ Workshop – No change; Stick with what works.
2. In person: The Blueprint Design – Together with the other folks from your LifePlan™ Workshop, you complete a confidential workbook with detailed information about yourself and your family. Your hopes and dreams. You commit and pay ½ of the reduced fee.
3. Zoom Meeting: One-on-one Review Meeting with Your Counsel – Freely and confidentially discuss options and make decisions.
4. Email Delivery: Receive and Review Documents. Expert videos step you through each document. Note any questions or concerns you may have to discuss with your Counsel.
5. In person: Signing and Initial Funding Meeting – Transfer assets to your trusts. Payment of the balance of the fee.
6. In person: Follow Through Funding Meetings – Finish the Job!
7. In person/Zoom/Video: Ongoing support and Assistance
8. Cost: One-third to one-half of current fees, plus $119/month for ongoing funding and other services. Drop at anytime.

Do you want to fly first-class to Florida? Safe, Secure, Comfortable. Some folks do. And they are willing to pay the additional costs.

Do you just want to get to Florida? Safe, Secure, Some Inconvenience. Drastically reduced fee?

Either way, the process is safe and secure. You get every bit of security and asset protection.

As you continue as a member, you can add optional trusts and features. Membership has its privileges.

Get Everything You Need, Everything You Want

You do not have to settle for the disappointing failure of traditional estate planning. You can get the LifePlan™ Advantage at no greater cost to you.

Traditional Trust Planning Is Profoundly Mistaken Why Do They Bank On Death?

Willful Ignorance Or Intentional Scam? Why Not Both?

Traditional estate planning supposedly avoids probate, saves taxes, and safely, efficiently delivers your remaining property and money to your heirs or beneficiaries. After you have passed on. Traditional estate planning is not concerned with you while living, only after death. Nobody cares what happens to you while you are alive. How does that help you?

Traditional estate planning fails because the overwhelming majority of us will need long-term skilled care. 70% of us. For an average of 3 years. And we will go broke paying for it.

Are you surprised that thousands of recreation properties: cottages, cabins, hunting land, are lost to pay for long-term care? Why is your estate planner surprised? Isn’t that their job? Or is your estate planner in denial?

You can defeat Nursing Home Poverty. LifePlanning™ empowers you. Keep your stuff. Get the care you have already paid for. Good for you. Good for your family. Good example for society,

When my mother suffered from the dementia which led to her death, over 10 years ago, their estate plan preserved their lifesavings. Mom’s months in the nursing home did not mean Dad’s impoverishment. Dad spent the last years with security and peace of mind.

Is Now A Bad Time For A Real Solution?

Perhaps you think you already have an answer to this problem. Maybe you do not see this as a problem at all. It is possible that you do not believe in the passage of time or its effects on you.

Peace of mind and financial security are waiting for everyone who practices LifePlanning™. You know that peace only begins with financial security. Are legal documents the most important? Is avoiding probate the best you can do for yourself or your loved ones? Is family about inheritance? Or are these things only significant to support the foundation of your family?

Do you think finding the best care is easy? Do you want to get lost in the overwhelming flood of claims and promises? Or would you like straight answers?

Well, here you are. Now you know. No excuses. Get the information, insight, inspiration. It is your turn. Ignore the message? Invite poverty? Or get the freely offered information. To make wise decisions. For you. For your loved ones.

The LifePlan™ Workshop has been the first step on the path to security and peace for thousands of families. Why not your family?

It is not chance. It is choice. Your choice.

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