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Your Opinions Matter

Here at The Law Offices of David L. Carrier, P.C., we are proud of the thoughtful and inspiring letters we have received from many of the families we have helped. It is our pleasure to share some of these letters.

testimonial letter Jennifer L.

They took away a lot of my stress

“Donna, Stephanie and Georgia handled everything I threw at them beautifully. I could not have dealt with my father’s estate as easilly without them. They took away a lot of my stress regarding the estate!

Jennifer L.

testimonial letter

Hats off and thank you

“I would like to take this time to thank each and every single one of you from the very bottom of my heart.

This has been an extremely emotional and very, very difficult time to say the least.

It has been a very long year and a half. Just when things would start to calm down, something else would come alone to stir things up again. I was beginning to think things would never end.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. You all went above and beyond in my book, as for Sam Bernstein’s office and staff… Well we just won’t go there because I don’t have anything nice to say and would NOT recommend them to a dead animal on the road.”

Sincerely, Sherry S.

testimonial letter

Exceeded my expectations

Hello Everyone,

I did a Google search for Elder Law. David Carrier P.C. website is well done and just felt right for me.

I found the people to be a delight and the cost reasonable.

They exceeded my expectations of what I thought I needed. Their professionalism and knowledge of the laws and resources resulted in a package that covers all my needs.

When the laws changed, they called me, and we modified my paperwork to reflect the new legislation.

Thank you Mark and Patrick, and everyone who supported the project!
I have recommended you to friends and family.

Lovely day to you, Judy P.

testimonial letter

It was a pleasure

When my mother recently passed away, I was the trustee for her estate. David L. Carrier P.C. had done her trust and so I called their office to start settling her trust.

At the first meeting I met Donna Corwin who was the paralegal in charge of helping me settle the trust. I was so impressed with Donna and how she did everything. She was so friendly and capable in all she did.

It was a pleasure in dealing with her. The law firm of David L. Carrier is very fortunate to have Donna Corwin as a member of their team.

Jerry P.

testimonial letter

Perfect balance of pleasant and professional

Perfect balance of pleasant and professional. Starting with workshops with targeted information to relaxed chit chat with David (and all the staff we met) – great experience!

Thank you!

P.S. Micky is fun – glad we did NOT get a broom.

Again thanks, Gary and Linda Y.

testimonial letter

Very professional office

Very professional office. Donna and Stephanie are extremely professional, on top of everything friendly and just a joy to work with.
Very prompt on phone calls, emails, etc.

I am very thankful for these two people!

Sincerely, Patti S.

testimonial letter

You have restored our faith in mankind

My parents taught me that every man will meet at least five people that will have such an effect on their lives that they will remember them forever. That might have been in my parents’ time but very unusual in my time.

I am almost seventy years old and have only met three people to date that fit their belief. One is a high school teacher and one a college professor, and now you.

We can’t stop thinking of you since our meeting a couple of weeks ago. I came with a hope about all hope that I would be able to afford your services. When you explained the formula on how you came up with the cost I understood. I only knew that I was unable to afford it. My stomach ached and I was going home with the knowledge that I needed your services but would not be privileged to have them.

After I made the most embarrassing offer as to what I could afford, you accepted and made the offer better. We were in shock and realized that this could only be Devine intervention from our Lord that He would bring you in our path of need. You have restored our faith in mankind, even though that is not your job in life.

I only wish that you were related to us so that we could see you more. I want to be just like you when I grow up. God bless you, your family, and your staff.

Sincerely, John and Lynda P.