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The probate process can be frustrating, and after the passing of a loved one, the last thing you want to deal with is a complex legal proceeding. Worse, small mistakes like a minor omission in a will or a missed filing deadline can bring the entire process to screeching halt. Fortunately, our experienced Michigan probate team can help. Our practice areas are narrowly tailored; we do not merely dabble in estate planning or elder law. We have been there and we know how to protect the interests of you and your family. If you have any questions about probate, or Michigan estate planning general, please contact our experienced portage probate lawyer today for immediate legal assistance.

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Few individuals are prepared to take on the complex legal tasks that probate requires them to complete.

However, the steady, guiding hand of an experienced Michigan probate lawyer can help ensure these necessary obligations are completed timely so that the family members and loved ones of the decedent are able to focus on their grief and recovery.

Over 34 Years of Experience Helping Michigan Families.

The passing of a loved one is never easy. We want to help you focus your attention on your family, your friends and your emotional needs. We know that the Michigan probate process can be overwhelming. It is simply not a burden that you should have to deal with while you are in a vulnerable state. Our experienced portage probate team will help.

How Does Probate Work in Michigan?

The probate process generally begins soon after someone passes away. The person that has been named an executor to the deceased’s will is responsible for filing the necessary paperwork with a portage probate court. This representative will then be required to prove that the will is valid, and will need to present the court with an exhaustive list of all assets and debts along with the specific wishes for inheritance. All the relevant parties must be notified that the death has occurred and the a probate process is beginning. The executor also has the responsibility of locating and managing all of the assets. Finally, assets will be transferred and the proceeding will be closed.

In Michigan, the probate process will generally take a few months to complete. However, issues sometimes arise and the process can take significantly longer. An experienced probate lawyer can help prevent problems and ensure that the process is as painless and efficient as possible.

How Our Portage Probate Team Can Help

The process of gathering all of your assets and proving them before a Michigan probate court can be extremely complicated. Our goal is to make sure that your estate gets through this process without any undesirable issues or disputes. Specifically, we will:

Make sure that all assets are located and secured

Obtain a detailed appraisal of your all property

Prepare and file all all necessary documents with the portage probate court

Handle any life insurance issues

Protect the value of retirement accounts and ensure that they can be passed on without issue

Make sure that all valid outstanding debts and bills are paid so that the process is not impeded

Address all tax issues and ensure that the estate is protected from excessive taxation

Help loved ones retitle assets whenever necessary

Oversee the distribution of assets as the probate process comes to a close

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