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No one enjoys going through the probate process. After the passing of a loved one, it feels like probate can drag on forever. At the Law Offices of David L. Carrier, P.C. we understand how to get your loved one’s estate through Michigan probate in an efficient and effective manner. Small mistakes or oversights during probate can really come back to haunt you. We have extensive experience dealing with the process and we know how to protect our clients interests. Please do not hesitate to contact our experienced Norton Shores probate lawyer to learn more about what we can do for you.

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The probate process is notoriously complex, and it has the potential to be both very slow and very messy.

It needs to be handled by an experienced professional. Our experienced Norton Shores probate legal team is fully prepared to take care of the legal process.

We want to help you take your attention away from the legal issues so that you can focus it on your friends and family.

Ultimately, the passing of a close friend or family member is always difficult. The last thing you need is a legal dispute arising because of a small mistake during probate.

Probate in Michigan

After someone passes away, the probate process will soon begin to determine how their remaining assets will be divided. In Michigan, the steps of the probate process will generally include:

The executor of the will filing the required paperwork with a Norton Shores probate court. If no will exists, or no executor has been appointed, one will be appointed by the court;

If there is a will, the executor will then need prove to the court that the will is valid;

All relevant parties must be notified of the process;

The executor must then provide a complete list of all assets and debts;

The executor will specify the inheritance interests of all parties; and finally assuming all goes smoothly;

The assets will be distributed to the heirs in accordance with the wishes of the deceased.

How Things Can Go Wrong

With proper planning and management, the probate process will be painless. However, there is significant potential for things to go wrong. The process can slow down to a frustrating stop, disputes can arises, and sometimes lawsuits might even be filed. It is important that your estate is administered by an experienced probate lawyer who can proactively work to eliminate issues and also understands how to handle them once they arise.
Common complications include:

A creditor filing a claim against the estate;

The failure to adequately notify all relevant parties;

One of the probate documents containing inaccurate information or one document is missing required information;

A dispute arises between beneficiaries;

A lawsuit arises due to a mistake made during the probate process.

Small mistakes during probate can compound into much larger issues. At our firm we pride ourselves on being detail orientated to ensure that the process proceeds without issues.

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Our experienced Norton Shores probate legal team is fully prepared to take care of the legal process. If you have any questions about probate in Michigan, please do not hesitate to contact our office today

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