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Probate can be a lengthy and complicated process, involving mountains of paperwork and requiring a heavy investment in terms of both time and money. At the Law Offices of David L. Carrier, P.C., we understand what a trying and difficult time this can be for your family, and we are here to help. We have been providing compassionate, professional estate administration and probate services to clients for over 34 years, and we can assist you in getting through the probate process in the fastest, most cost effective manner possible. Our Holland family probate lawyer provides effective, efficient legal representation, at a time when your family most needs it.

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Personalized Probation Administration For Your Estate

Every situation is different, and our Holland probate lawyer will work with you to determine the individual needs of your loved one’s estate. We provide personalized probate administration for smaller estates in which the value of assets are less than the total cost of allowances, liens, and expenses, as well as for larger estates involving numerous holdings, multiple beneficiaries, and complicated relationships among heirs.

We can protect and guide you through potential issues such as disputed claims from creditors, joint property holdings, and tax liabilities, while ensuring your loved one’s final wishes are honored.

Probate Services Offered

When a loved one passes away, it is often an emotionally draining time for loved ones and survivors. Unfortunately, at this same time there are important decisions that must be made and legal documents that are required to be filed that could affect you and your family’s future financial well-being. Even if your loved one took steps to prepare for their passing, there is still the likelihood that some part of their estate could end up going through the Michigan Probate Court System.

Our law firm can provide the legal knowledge and experience to guide you through this system, providing the following types of probate services:

Court appointment of a personal representative for estate;

Marshalling of assets, including a thorough inventory of all holdings and valuations of any personal property or real estate holdings;

Payment of final charges through the estate, including funeral expenses, taxes, and payments to creditors;

Choosing someone to act as your healthcare power of attorney for medical decisions and HIPAA medical records authorizations.

Disbursement of assets to beneficiaries as designated through existing wills and trusts, or through the Michigan intestate succession laws;

Final closing of your loved one’s estate.

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