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Upcoming Gun Trust Workshops

Are you worried about the government prohibiting the transfer of your firearms, and perhaps losing some of your firearms? Imagine what happens to your firearms when you die unexpectedly.

Were you aware that you can ‘accidentally’ make your spouse and adult children felons if they have ‘access’ to your NFA firearms when you’re not at home?

Find out how to protect yourself,  your spouse and your children at our Gun Trust Workshop. In this workshop, we will talk about:

  • How to properly transfer owners of your firearms upon your death
  • Co-owners and Authorized Users
  • Reducing Risk of Legal Changes
  • Multi Generational Ownership
  • Benefits of a Gun Trust over a Corporation or LLC
  • Benefits of a NFA Gun Trust Over a Traditional Revocable Trust

Learn about these issues and so much more!

Gun Trust Workshops in Michigan

Free, info-packed workshops in a group setting.

Our Gun Trust Workshops are led by various professionals who are extremely knowledgeable in their fields of expertise. Some workshop topics will include the formation and benefits of gun trusts, state and federal laws surrounding them and much more! Protect your family, loved ones, and your gun rights.

Seating is limited! Register today to reserve your place at the table.

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