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Good News for Middle Class Michigan

Get Home Care Now – Temporary Pandemic Relief Keep Your FARM, COTTAGE, BUSINESS, LIFE SAVINGS

Can we all agree that nobody wants long-term care? Isn’t it too expensive? Who wants to go to a nursing home? Would it break your heart to institutionalize your loved one? Or exhaust life savings? How about losing your cottage, business, farm, hunting land?

And the viral pandemic has made everything worse. For the last 20, 30, 40, 50 years, you’ve shared your life with the most wonderful person on earth. Now imagine no contact. Isolation. A garbled phone call – a brief glimpse through the window.

Too bleak? Scare talk? If you know anyone actually going through it, you know the reality is much much worse.

When government changes the rules and doesn’t tell anyone, is that a secret?

But what if you or your loved one could stay at home? Getting care at home? All medical bills paid. All medical supplies, pharmacy, doctor visits (including transportation), home modifications, all expenses paid? Too good to be true? Not for thousands of your friends and neighbors. When government changes the rules and doesn’t tell anyone, is that a secret?

Last week, Michigan decided to let you keep your cottage, farm, business, life savings. And still qualify for PACE at home benefits. But only for applications during the pandemic emergency period. And they didn’t tell anybody. I had to ask. Which is why I’m here. For you.

Last week’s rule changes are temporary. When the pandemic emergency is over, these extremely favorable rules will be gone.

Sure, it sounds like baloney. I understand. Fact is, right now, Carrier Law families throughout Michigan are experiencing the truth. Comprehensive at home care. No nursing home. Not going broke. Pandemic or not.

But what if my loved one requires assisted living or skilled nursing? That’s included too. No new application. No new requirements.

Do you or your loved one qualify? Can you answer yes to these 3 questions?

  • 1. Need help with daily life? Dementia issues? Certain medical conditions? (We’ll guide you through all 7 sets of criteria.)
  • 2. Are you safe at home?
  • 3. Is your gross social security retirement less than $2349? (Special rules for singles and marrieds with pension income.)

If you’ve answered yes, it’s time to do your homework and get the benefits you have already paid for. It costs nothing to find out.

For 30 years, in my law practice and on my radio show (Sunday mornings from 7-9 on WOOD 1300; call me 888-463-2843!), on television, in print, in person, through thousands of workshops and tens of thousands of one-on-one meetings, I have advocated and obtained benefits for individuals and families like yours. Last week’s rule changes are temporary. When the pandemic emergency is over, these extremely favorable rules will be gone.

No B.S. Promise:

For almost 40 years, I’ve been practicing law; in Massachusetts and Michigan. I served as an Army Captain in the JAG Corps (and now in the American Legion). I have my Airborne Wings and a few medals. Notre Dame (BA); Boston University Law (JD); Georgetown University Law (LI.M., Tax). For 30 years, I have been making and keeping big promises to middle class families in West Michigan. And those folks refer over 40% of new Carrier Law families. That’s no B.S. And that’s a promise.

Doing work and getting results that other attorneys and law firms can’t or won’t.

It Never Costs to Call. What Could it Hurt?

Will this rule change help your family? A paralegal Discovery meeting and an Analysis meeting with me cost nothing. And may save everything. In person. By telephone. By internet. Your choice.

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