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Witnessing and Reporting Nursing Home Abuse

Sadly, nursing home abuse is an everyday occurrence in Michigan. In some cases the abuse takes the form of neglect. But sometimes the abuse escalates to physical or even sexual assault. Family members often suspect nursing home abuse but fail to report it, either because they do not know the proper procedures or they simply fear nobody will believe them. Without direct evidence, abuse allegations often lead to a “he said/she said” standoff. As a result,...

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Join us for Tech Tuesdays

This program will introduce you to the digital world through technology education and hands on experience in a fun and relaxing environment. This is a FREE event hosted by The Law Office of David Carrier, PC....

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Recognizing Scams

While anyone can fall prey to a scam, many con artists choose to focus their attention on the elderly. Michigan seniors may find themselves the target of any number of scams involving Medicare, insurance, and estate planning. It is important to recognize the signs of a potential scam so you (or a loved one) can avoid becoming just another victim. Identity Theft According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, nearly 1.9 million Michigan seniors are enrolled in Medicare,...

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Best Life Insurance Plan Options

If you are currently thinking about estate planning and are considering purchasing life insurance, it is important to consider a number of different options. As an article in Consumer Affairs explains, while many Americans decide not to purchase life insurance (some simply because they do not recognize its value), a life insurance policy “can provide financial help to your family by covering final expenses in the event of a death.” Life insurance is extremely important...

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Burial Benefits for Veterans

Losing a loved one is difficult under any circumstances, and it can be challenging to think about financial issues when you are coming to terms with the death emotionally. Yet it is important for families of veterans to know about burial veterans for benefits and some of the services they may be eligible for after losing a loved one. Even if the death is not service-related, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs still provides benefits...

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How Trump’s Election Can Affect Your Estate Planning

With Donald Trump’s election and pending inauguration, many Michigan residents may be wondering about how some of the laws and regulations that Trump wants to put in place may affect your estate plan. What do some of these plans entail? And how can you prepare for these changes? In short, for the wealthy, Trump’s promise to repeal the estate tax may impact tax-related estate-planning measures for the very small percentage of the wealthy for whom...

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Pensions and Estate Planning

For residents of Grand Rapids, Michigan who are thinking about estate planning and, in particular, are thinking about options concerning their pensions, it is important to understand how estate planning is connection to decisions about your pension. First, what is a pension? Is this something you need to add into your will? And can you have more than one beneficiary for your pension? These are some of the common questions we receive, and we will...

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What Happens to Assets Not Included in Your Trust?

Many people create a will or a trust prior to their death, both of which can be used to leave assets and property to beneficiaries upon the creator’s death. While most people have the foresight to include all of their property within a trust or a will, it is not uncommon for certain assets to be left out, either intentionally or accidentally. The following considers what happens to assets that are not included in your...

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What Happens to Your Michigan Business After You Die?

For business owners in Michigan, planning for their business’ future after their death is an important consideration. This article will consider what happens to a Michigan business after its owner’s death, the process of transferring a business, what happens when a business is not transferred to someone, and how an experienced estate planning attorney can aid throughout the process. Transferring Ownership of a Business Upon Death It is possible to transfer the ownership of a business...

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How to Protect Your Assets in Michigan

Asset protection is an important consideration for many individuals, particularly high net worth individuals and owners of businesses. However, asset protection is not limited to the wealthy alone; asset protection can be used for myriad things, including protecting your assets from any future lawsuits, ensuring that your assets are distributed quickly to your loved ones and beneficiaries upon your death, avoiding taxes and probate, planning for long-term care to reduce asset expenditures, and more. If...

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