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How to Create a Valid Trust

Estate planning is an individual process -- what works for one person might not be the best option for distributing your assets. For example, you don’t have to create a will in order to dispose of your assets after death. Another option is creating a trust (however, you can also include a trust in a will). What Is a Trust? A trust is a legal arrangement in which one person (the trustee) holds legal title to property...

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Being Denied Medicaid in Michigan

Medicaid is a government health insurance program for low-income people. It is jointly funded by the federal government and the states, including Michigan. The Michigan Medicaid plan identifies who is eligible for coverage, what health services plan participants can receive, the state’s reimbursement policy, and other requirements. Who Is Eligible for Medicaid in Michigan? You qualify for Medicaid if your household income is below: 195 percent of the federal poverty level for infants under 1-year-old and pregnant women; 160 percent...

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Not just a fight against nursing home poverty

This week The Law Offices of David L. Carrier announced its plan to donate $1,000.00 to Lisa Cober, a West Michigan woman who works to provide clothes and hygiene products to underprivileged children. Cober, a mother of three who was once homeless herself, understands the struggles of school-aged children faced with homelessness, and is working hard to end the cycle of poverty by providing these students with the basic needs necessary for their success. “I...

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What to Do If Your Will Gets Challenged or Revoked in Michigan

Everyone has heard stories about angry relatives contesting a deceased loved one's will. In reality, over 99 percent of wills are admitted to probate without incident. Michigan courts presume a will is valid unless there is evidence to the contrary. If you want to avoid a potential fight among your own family members, here are some things to keep in mind about making a last will and testament. Legal Requirements for a Michigan Will The law regarding...

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How Retirement Planning Affects Estate Planning

Most Michigan residents have some form of retirement savings. The most common types of retirement accounts are IRAs, 401(k) plans, and Roth IRA plans. Each has specific rules governing how and when withdrawals are made. In addition, there are significant estate planning implications for handling retirement accounts. Is an IRA a Probate Asset? Unlike most personal property that passes under a person's will or living trust, retirement accounts usually have designated beneficiaries. If you have an IRA,...

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Witnessing and Reporting Nursing Home Abuse

Sadly, nursing home abuse is an everyday occurrence in Michigan. In some cases the abuse takes the form of neglect. But sometimes the abuse escalates to physical or even sexual assault. Family members often suspect nursing home abuse but fail to report it, either because they do not know the proper procedures or they simply fear nobody will believe them. Without direct evidence, abuse allegations often lead to a “he said/she said” standoff. As a result,...

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Join us for Tech Tuesdays

This program will introduce you to the digital world through technology education and hands on experience in a fun and relaxing environment. This is a FREE event hosted by The Law Office of David Carrier, PC....

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Recognizing Scams

While anyone can fall prey to a scam, many con artists choose to focus their attention on the elderly. Michigan seniors may find themselves the target of any number of scams involving Medicare, insurance, and estate planning. It is important to recognize the signs of a potential scam so you (or a loved one) can avoid becoming just another victim. Identity Theft According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, nearly 1.9 million Michigan seniors are enrolled in Medicare,...

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Best Life Insurance Plan Options

If you are currently thinking about estate planning and are considering purchasing life insurance, it is important to consider a number of different options. As an article in Consumer Affairs explains, while many Americans decide not to purchase life insurance (some simply because they do not recognize its value), a life insurance policy “can provide financial help to your family by covering final expenses in the event of a death.” Life insurance is extremely important...

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