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Step-by-Step Guide through the Probate Process

If you have recently experienced the death of a loved one, you may have questions about the probate process. For many residents of the Grand Rapids area, the term “probate” is not one with which most of us are familiar. Yet when you are dealing with the estate of a family member, it is important to understand precisely what probate is, how probate works and when it is used, and what the process entails. Generally...

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Finding the Perfect Long-Term Care for a Family Member

Deciding where a loved one will reside after they are no longer able to care for themselves can be a difficult and emotional process. However, making plans for the future is often the best way to ensure an elderly relative will receive the best medical care and support possible. There are a variety of different types of assisted living facilities that can offer this care, including homes that accept insurance and those that do not....

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Questions to Ask Yourself When Planning Your Estate

Deciding what will happen to your estate after your death can be an emotional and difficult process, but it can also save a decedent’s loved ones a significant amount of stress and worry. Fortunately, in Michigan, there are a variety of ways to plan for the disposal of an estate. Many residents choose to create a will specifically designating who will gain ownership of certain assets upon his or her death. Others choose to create...

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What Can Be Done About the Cost of Long-Term Care?

As we age, we all need to accept the fact that we might need long-term care. You and your family must be prepared to handle the costs of long-term care. More than any other expense, long-term care costs drain the hard-earned life savings of many Michigan families. Did you know that the average cost of a nursing home in Michigan is now approaching $250 per day? Many facilities cost far more than that. The simple...

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When is the Right Time to Set Up A Family Trust?

Most people in Michigan have at least a vague understanding of how wills operate. This is certainly a good thing, as wills are extremely important and are an essential estate planning tool. However, they are far from the only asset distribution tool available. For many individuals in Michigan, a family trust is actually the best way to set up the distribution of their assets. If you want to know if a family trust is right...

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