Long-term care is the care you need if you can’t perform daily activities on your own for an extended period of time. There are a number of different ways that long-term care can be provided. 

Most long-term care involves assisting with basic personal needs rather than providing medical care. You are usually determined to need long-term care if you need help with two or more “activities of daily living” (such as bathing, dressing, eating, and going to the bathroom). Family members usually provide long-term care to start, but as an illness escalates paid care may become necessary. 

The following are the types of long-term care:

  • Home care from family member. The most basic form of long-term care is when a family member becomes the caregiver. It can involve simple tasks like buying groceries or more complicated ones like bathing and dressing. Sometimes family members can be paid for their work.
  • Home care aide. Home care aides provide companionship and socialization and assist with meal preparation, housecleaning, laundry, shopping, and errands. They are also called homemaker or chore aides.
  • Home health care aide. Health care aides provide personal care (bathing, grooming, etc.), assist with range-of-motion exercises, provide some medically-related care (empty colostomy bags, dress dry wounds, check blood pressure, etc.), and provide assistance with housekeeping and errands. They are often referred to as personal care assistants.
  • Adult day care. Adult day care allows family members to get a respite from caregiving. In general, there are three types of centers: those that focus on social interaction, those that focus on health care, and special Alzheimer’s care centers.  
  • Assisted living facility. Assisted living facilities are a housing option for people who can still live independently but who need some assistance. Depending on the facility, that assistance may include help with meal preparation, housekeeping, medication management, bathing, dressing, transportation and some nursing care. Residents usually live on their own, in small apartments. Despite the emphasis on independence, supportive services are available 24 hours a day in order to provide different levels of help with activities of daily living. The level of medical supervision depends on the facility.
  • Nursing home. Nursing homes are the highest level of long-term care. They provide 24-hour care to residents. Staff provide help with daily activities such as feeding, dressing, and bathing along with medical care and physical, occupational, and speech therapy.

Costs for care can vary widely, from a few hundred dollars a week to pay for coverage when family members are at work to $300,000 or more a year for around-the-clock home care or care in the most expensive nursing homes, perhaps with private aides hired on the side.

Long-term care costs, whether at home, in assisted living or in a nursing home, are paid primarily from three sources: out-of-pocket, Medicaid, and long-term care insurance. Medicare, the health insurance for people over age 65, only pays for up to 100 days of skilled nursing facility care following a hospitalization, and only for so long as the patient is deemed to need skilled care. Medicaid also has options for long term care at home – the Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) and MI Choice Waiver.

Need help navigating this maze? The team at Carrier Law are happy to guide you!

You know. Everyone knows. COVID Elder Plague facts are familiar. Well known. Nothing to argue about. Victims are overwhelmingly older. Most in long-term care facilities. Tragic, infuriating truth: nursing home residents are 70 times more likely to die of COVID. Government Policies, Executive Orders have been deadly.

Are COVID rates rising among the young? Not really. U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) consistently show 95% of COVID deaths among those over 50 years old. Surprised? Check it out: https://covid.cdc.gov/covid-data-tracker/#demographics

Even now, some state bureaucrats mishandle COVID vaccinations. Fatal delays for elders. The CDC initially showed Michigan’s vaccination rate among the worst. Hapless officials offered technical-sounding “dog ate my homework” type excuses. Weeks later, current CDC data shows Michigan still lags. See for yourself: https://covid.cdc.gov/covid-data-tracker/#vaccinations Michigan elders are paying with their lives.

MEDICAID PROGRAM – Pace Expansion Is A Big Deal

Emergency, limited changes to the Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (“PACE”). New opportunities for thousands of families. At-home care without more sacrifice. You can keep your lifesavings, cottage, farm, rental properties, business. No Poverty! By following the rules. Care services: free – fair return for what you paid in. Income: keep it. No co-pay, doughnut hole or other bamboozling malarkey.

We helped dozens secure at-home care for their loved ones. Belief: PACE saved many families from the deadly COVID virus stalking long-term care facilities.

“COVID-19 emergency rules are temporary. The benefits are permanent. When the emergency is over, these favorable rules will be gone.” Lifesaving benefits for a lifetime.

The special rules originally expired November 1, 2020. But were extended to April 1, 2021. Seemed like a long time, right? Unfortunately, the extra time is almost up. Like sands through the hourglass… Tick tock. One last chance for your family to get back a little of what you paid in. It is a big deal. And it is almost gone.

PACE itself is not going away. PACE will continue to provide quality of life to Middle-class Michigan. PACE has served us well since 1969. Not going nowhere. What is going away are the favorable eligibility rules that have saved so much for so many families. Soon it will be more expensive. More complex. More difficult. More challenging. What is your excuse to delay?

Threat To Middle Class Security

You are Middle-class Michigan. You have worked and saved. Since you were 10 years old. You and your spouse have a bit set aside. You are fine! But then…

You are caring for your loved one at home. You applied for help. Rejected! Too much income. Too much savings. A cottage, a business, a farm, stocks, bonds, IRA.

Your financial advisor, the accountant, your lawyer. All say the same thing: You must “spend down” all you have achieved. No help until you are broke.

Healthy Skepticism Or Deadly Doubt?

COVID emergency rules changed all that! Many more families can get the PACE benefits they earned. Yours included? Tragically, some refuse to believe it is possible. Healthy skepticism hardens into stubborn rejection. Everyone suffers. Clinging to the idea that it is “too good to be true” or “fake news”? Pitiful. Talk to folks who are uncertain and suspicious. Accurate information and proof beat unfounded fears every day. Fact: You do not have to accept nursing home poverty for yourself or your loved one.

Do You Or Your Loved One Qualify?

Answer Yes To 3 Questions:

  • 1. Need help with activities of daily life? Memory problems? Cognition issues? Daily oxygen therapy? Blindness? Dialysis? These are just a few of the many ways to qualify.
  • 2. Are you safe at home?
  • 3. 2021 Social security (gross) less than $2382? (Special strategies to reduce pension income.)

We can do the homework together. Most families benefit. Hugely. But it costs nothing to find out.

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What Are The Benefits?

What can PACE do for me? Why not find out? Your team is standing by. PACE is doctors, therapists, dieticians, nurses, physician assistants, administrators. All working together to provide your best solution. Want more detail? Call us.

PACE includes:
On-Site Physician/Medical Supervision; Nursing Care; Physical Therapy; Occupational Therapy; Recreational Therapy; Activities and Exercise; Breakfast, Lunch, Snack; Nutritional Counseling; Social Services; Dental Care; Audiology; Optometry; Podiatry; Women’s Services; Dentistry and Dentures; Optometry and Eyeglasses; Audiology and Hearing Aids; Podiatry, Diabetic Shoes and Orthotics; Cardiology; Rheumatology; Lab Tests; Radiology; X-Rays; Outpatient Surgery; Primary Care Physician: On call 24 hours a day, seven days a week; Physical and Occupational Therapy; Personal Care; Chore Services; Meal Preparation; Emergency Room Visits; Hospitalizations; Inpatient Specialist; Skilled Inpatient Rehabilitation; Transportation Services; Prescriptions; Over-the-Counter Medicines; Transportation; Respite Care and Caregiver Education; Wheelchairs; Walkers; Oxygen; Hospital Beds; Diabetic Testing Supplies; Adult Day Care.

No Poverty. No Handouts. No Waste.

Your team is united by 3 goals and 1 mission.

  • 1. No Poverty. Your family will NOT go broke.
  • 2. No Handouts. You paid for these benefits with a lifetime of work and taxes. You earned this.
  • 3. No Waste. Your beneficiaries get whatever is left. For certain. No crazy fees. No probate.

Mission: We make the rules work for the folks who play by the rules.

How Much Time Do You Think You Have? Why Waste It?

Get the straight story. Your loved one is counting on you. Satisfy yourself that you have the right information. It is simple and free. Your Discovery meeting is just a couple days away. Looking forward to meeting you.

Every PACE case. Every Medicaid case. Every long-term case. Each case is exhaustively documented and thoroughly prepared. Each case is audited. Each case must be correct. There is no margin for error. “Close” is not good enough. “Almost” equals loss. We do not tolerate, cheer, or accept failure. Not an option. Because your family is on the line. Your life work is at stake. It must be done right. And that takes time.

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You have stuff. Worked a lifetime to earn it. Did not fritter it away. Saved for the rainy day. Your stuff. You own it. You control it. Spend it. Save it. It is yours. No fuss, no muss. Easy.

And then. Stroke. Dementia. Disability. Death. Who is in control now? Not you! Then who? It used to be so easy. Now it is a big mess. When you make a mess, the answer is probate. Guardianship. Conservatorship. Estate Administration.What if you did not make a mess at all?

You Go To The Supermarket

You are toddling through Kroger (or Meijer or Super Walmart or Aldi or Spartan) with a double armload of groceries. You are in control. Put items down. Pick items up. No problem.
Then. Whoops! Slip and fall. Asparagus in the Air! Soaring Cereal! Bouncing Bread! Fettucine in Flight! You went from complete control to no control at all. Big mess. Cleanup on Aisle 3… Bring a mop…

Probate Court To The Rescue?

Probate Court is the janitor. Johnny-on-the-Spot to dispose of the debris. Your will? A mere scrap of paper fluttering among the groceries. Golly, I sure do hope the janitor finds that paper! And reads it. And follows it. Let us hope… and pray. That is probate.

How To Avoid Probate… Do Not Make A Mess!

Pretty simple. Do not make a mess. No mess? No job for the Probate Cleanup Crew. No probate.

Shopping Cart To The Rescue!

What if you had put all those groceries in a shopping cart? Then you slipped and fell? Wouldn’t the groceries stay in the cart? Voila! No mess. Nothing for janitor Probate Court to do!

Your Trust is a Shopping Cart

Your trust is a shopping cart. Put your house, money, insurance, business, cottage, and furniture (but not your IRA!) into your shopping cart/trust. Now comes death or disability. Slip and fall! But your stuff is safe in the trust! No mess. No probate. Whew!

Why Most Trusts, Including Yours, Will Fail

You have a beautiful, brand new shopping cart. But you did not put your stuff in it. It is empty! You are still carrying around all/most/some of your stuff. If (when) you slip and fall, that stuff is going to make a mess. And that means probate. And your lawyer put a memo in your trust binder that makes it clear: it is all YOUR fault.

I guess you should have read all 567 pages of legalese in that binder… Oh well. Now your kids will have to probate your estate. I wonder if there will be any attorney fees for that…

Everybody Else Knows. Your Trust Will Fail

Failure is a given. Your lawyer knows it. Your banker knows it. Your insurance rep knows it. Everybody knows that you will not put your stuff into the trust. And then the “pour-over will” must be probated. Did you know that? No? Hmmm, I guess not “everybody” knows your trust will fail. Probate is your destiny! Probate costs are your legacy!

Wake Up. Smell The Coffee. Face The Facts

You are not alone. According to one survey, only 4% of trusts are fully funded. That means 96% of trusts will fail when needed.

And even when you try to get your assets into your trust, you will often be misled. How many times have we seen financial advisors claim that accounts have been retitled when only the beneficiary designations were changed? All too common. Does your lawyer know what is going on? Why not ask? Why doesn’t your lawyer know?

The Answer: Talk Straight, Do The Work

You need a “funding coach” to help you through the hard work. Perseverance pays! We will help you stick with it. You spent good money to preserve your life choices and protect your legacy. Do not surrender with the finish line in sight. Why waste the effort you have already spent? Together we will make sure that you did not just throw lawyer fee money out the window. No sugar-coating. No excuses. Results for you and your family.

American Renaissance. Time To Move Ahead In 2021

Last year, the number of regular folks planning their futures dropped. Significantly. Could it be that you had other things on your mind? Riots, nightly violence, capricious decrees, flagrant hypocrisy, obvious media bias and obfuscation. It all takes a toll.

You, Middle-class Michigan, are the foundation for the future. Step by step. Inch by inch. You will pave the way back to normal. Let the chattering classes chatter. There is hard work to be done. And we are just the folks to do it. With integrity. Keeping our promises. Playing by the rules. No cheating. Focused. Undistracted.

Over the last year our Crisis Caseload skyrocketed. Special PACE rules mean more families than ever qualify for immediate help. We are proud to help Middle-class Michigan enjoy what they have earned.

Time Marches On: Do Not Waste Another Year

Last year fewer people focused on planning ahead, yet LifePlannine™ remains essential. Because you matter. Because your family counts. Because one lost year is too much.
The Carrier Team has been busier than ever, but I fear 2020 was a year of lost opportunity for thousands of regular Michigan families. I am extremely concerned.

Get the information you want. In-person workshops and one-on-one meetings. Recorded and live-streaming webinars. Like you, we have never stopped serving. As you seek out new ways to accomplish your life’s work, we are on the same journey. By your side. Making the rules work for the people who play by the rules.

Sixty Minutes to Security

Sixty minutes that to accelerate your success. An hour to put 2020 in the rear-view mirror. Avoid Nursing Home Poverty. Reject silly Spend Downs. Learn how to preserve your loved one’s lifesavings, business, cottage, life insurance. Thousands of middle-class families have learned and use these techniques. Why not yours?

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Everybody Knows: Wills Avoid Probate!
Reality Check: Wills Require Probate…

You are an expert for certain things. You know how to quilt. Or fish. Or woodwork. You might have learned on the job. Or as a hobby. But you are an expert. You know how this stuff works.

And then you hear someone else talk about it. A friend. A neighbor. Your brother-in-law. Maybe in the newspaper. And they get it wrong. Oh boy, so wrong. All wrong. A genuine achievement. Give that guy a blue ribbon! For wrongness.

Happens all the time, right?

It ain’t ignorance causes so much trouble; it’s folks knowing so much that ain’t so.
— Josh Billings, 1882

Announcing a New Feature on The Reporter: Things Everybody Knows, That Just Are Not So!

Things regular folks say and believe. That prevent effective action. Setting the record straight, one issue at a time. Shall we begin?

Reading Of The Will:
Who Gets The Leftovers?

For many folks, the question is: When I am dead, who gets the leftovers?

The answer, for many folks: Read the Last Will & Testament! Preferably on a foggy evening. In a creepy old house. With a creepy old lawyer. Surrounded by heirs of mixed ages and questionable virtue. Reading dramatically from the Will in his creaky old voice, the lawyer delivers deeds, heirlooms, and sacks of cash. Virtuous, good heirs rejoice. Evil, bad heirs plot their revenge! And it is all over in just a few minutes.

Would you be surprised to learn that reality is a bit different than the movies? After 2020, are you still shocked when the “experts” get it wrong?

What Is Probate?

Probate is how society cleans up your mess. What mess?

Basic Truth: Middle Class Michigan takes care of business. Handles things. Gets it done.

Right now, most of us own our home (with some help from the bank). And savings account. Investments. Furniture. You pay your bills. And file your taxes. You take care of you. And yours. Humming along like a top… No Problem! A nice tidy picture. You are a responsible person acting responsibly.

But what if things go wrong? What if you cannot take care of business? How could that happen?

If you are incapacitated… stroke, auto accident, Alzheimer’s? If you die. Who is taking care of your business now? Your nice tidy picture is not so nice and tidy anymore. It is a mess. Who does what? Who gets what? Now what?

Probate is the answer when folks do not plan. And most folks do not plan. Most folks wind up making a mess. Probate is the cleanup crew.

You Go To The Supermarket.
For A Loaf Of Bread. One Loaf Of Bread.

Have you ever tried this? Have you ever gone to the supermarket for a single item? And then before you find that single item… You gather up a dozen more groceries you cannot live without. This is how most people go through life. Carrying around their stuff in their own name. Like the supermarket shopper without a cart.

That is fine, so far as it goes. But what if you slip and fall. What happens to the groceries?

Whee! Whoops! Big. Mess. Call the Janitor! Cleanup on Aisle 3…

Probate Court Is The Janitor!

Probate Court is Johnny-on-the-Spot to clean up the mess you made when you slipped and fell. Probate gathers up your groceries and tries to figure out what to do with them. Janitors have a Rule Book about who gets what. It is called the “Estates and Protected Individuals Code.”

The Probate Judge is the Lord High Janitor, Exalted Over All Deputy Janitors. The Personal Representative (or Executor) does the real work. Junior Deputy Janitor.
The Junior Deputy Janitor has 3 jobs.

  • 1. Marshall the assets. Gather up the leftovers.
  • 2. Pay the bills.
  • 3. Deliver the leftovers to the deserving beneficiaries.


But What About The Will?!?

Your Last Will and Testament is simply instructions to the Junior Deputy Janitor. It is a note, a piece of paper. Fluttering about betwixt and between the mess. Let us hope the Junior Deputy Janitor finds the Will. Let us hope Junior Deputy follows the Will. Let us hope.

Your Will ONLY works in probate. It is simply instructions to the Probate Court, through the Personal Representative, expressing your desires. Expressing your will as to who should be in charge. Who gets what. Deriving its powers from the Probate Court.

Your Will only “works” after you have died.

Your Will only “works” by going through Probate.

Your Will does not avoid Probate… it is a creature of Probate, part and parcel.

Wills Are Awful And No Good!
Probate Is Awful And No Good!

Kind of extreme, don’t you think? Wills and probate have their place. Some techniques of great benefit to many middle-class families only work in probate.

You know that a rush to judgment often leads over a cliff. Let us calm down. Sensitively and sensibly evaluate our options. And choose according to fact, not fiction. Planning success is a choice, not chance.

We Got Through 2020.
Time To Move Ahead In 2021.

Last year, the number of regular folks planning their futures dropped. Significantly. Could it be that you had other things on your mind?

At the same time, our Crisis Caseload skyrocketed. Special PACE rules mean more families than ever qualify for immediate help.

And fewer people focused on planning ahead, LifePlanning™. The Carrier Team has been busier than ever, but I fear 2020 was a year of wasted opportunity for regular families. I am extremely concerned. What do you think?

You can get the information you want. In-person workshops and one-on-one meetings. Recorded and live-streaming webinars. Like you, we have never stopped serving. As you seek out new ways to accomplish your life’s work, we are on the same journey. By your side. Making the rules work for the people who play by the rules.

Sixty minutes that to accelerate your success. An hour to put 2020 in the rear-view mirror. Avoid Nursing Home Poverty. Reject silly Spend Downs. Learn how to preserve your loved one’s lifesavings, business, cottage, life insurance. Thousands of middle-class families have learned and use these techniques. Why not yours?
Got Questions? Get Answers!

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