According to the Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce, this fund helps businesses that have not been able to access, or have been declined for local, state, or federal relief funds, or need additional support to weather this crisis.

We are focused on businesses that may be dealing with additional barriers including but not limited to language, general business knowledge, and from underserved communities.

Consistent with the limitations of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, these businesses also must have been directly impacted and experienced losses due to business interruption due to COVID-19.

All distributions of funds are subject to the requirements of the CARES Act and Treasury Department guidance on the use of Coronavirus Relief Funds.

Who Is Eligible?

Programs differ in the details. But generally:

  • Private, for-profit business located and registered in the grant district
  • 25 or fewer full time equivalent (FTE) employees (that means you can have 50 half-timers)
  • Some have expanded eligibility to businesses with up to 50 FTE employees
  • Direct impact and loss from COVID (In other words, everybody)
  • In business before 2/15/2020

Your mileage may vary.

How Much?

Smaller businesses with 25 or fewer FTE employees may receive $5000 to $25,000. Twenty-six to fifty FTE workers? You may get $10,000 to $40,000.
Business owners know that money evaporates. Everything costs more. Everything breaks. At the worst possible moment.

Murphy’s Law: “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”.

Small business Owner’s Law: “Murphy was an optimist”.

Still, these are grants not loans. No repayment. Now you can fix the refrigerator. Restock the supply room. Meet payroll for one more week. It helps!

How To Apply?

Get your financial documents together. You must provide any two of the following:

  • Tax return
  • Income statement
  • Sales report
  • Cash flow statement
  • Profit and loss statement
  • Balance sheet

Sole proprietor? They will need your individual tax return as well.

Most Small Business Recovery Programs have an online application process. And it is simple. Gather your financial documents, file the online application, keep on working your butt off.

How Long To Get An Answer?

Check your email. They are trying to get the money out there quickly. Someday soon, you may get the notice that help is on the way.

But I Don’t Want Government Help!

Small business owners are independent do-it-yourself types. Government hand-out? Perish the thought! Understandable. But.

Government demands taxes. You pay taxes. You never thought you would see any of that money again, right? No return on that investment. This is a return on that investment. Unusual times.

Same approach applies to estate planning and elder law. You paid in, why shouldn’t you be paid back? If you need it. When you need it? Learn more. It is easy. Well, pretty easy.

Getting Started

COVID flaring up again? Today is the best time to plan. Begin by calling the LifePlan™ Hotline: 800-317-2812.

Get Information You Need: Your Life, You Choose!

COVID has not gone away. New challenges arise daily. The risks to what you have earned and built have not gone away. And we have not gone away either. It is your stuff… protect it. With complete control. LifePlanning™ means your choices matter, whatever life brings.

How can LifePlanning™ protect your middle-class life savings? How to get this information?

Are you like thousands of Michigan families who played by the rules and earned homes, cottages, farms, lifesavings? Would you like the rules to work for you, for a change? Why wait until it is too late?

(800) 317-2812

Folks like us begin working by age 10. Snow shoveling. Grass mowing. Babysitting. Dishwashing. Me, I began delivering newspapers at 7.

I have an older sister, two younger sisters and four younger brothers (8 of us altogether). Dad, a WWII Navy veteran, taught school by day, then worked the local brewery’s graveyard shift. Sixteen-hour days for sixteen years. Mom was an RN. She resumed practice when the youngest was 5. Both parents tracked our grades, chores, and college savings.

Paper route and dish-washing money paid for my first year at the University of Notre Dame. An Army scholarship and weekend pizza deliveries took care of the rest. Upon graduation, the Army kindly allowed me to get my first law degree from Boston University Law School. Like Dad, I worked third shift full time to pay the bills.

On active duty, the Army let me jump out of airplanes, argue murder cases, edit The Army Lawyer, and work at the Pentagon. The Army also paid for most of my Master of Law, Taxation degree from Georgetown University Law. Airborne wings, two Meritorious Service Medals and an Army Achievement Medal. Thank you for allowing me to serve!

A Different Vision Of Estate Planning & Elder Law

Two years at a large law firm were enough. For them. Thirty years ago, I founded my own firm. Dedicated to you. Middle Class Americans. Today, 40+ team members share the LifePlan™ vision:

  • 1. No Poverty. You do not go broke. You will keep your lifesavings. Keep your independence. Period. Money is choices. You decide. At home care, assisted living or skilled nursing?
  • 2. No Handouts. Middle class Americans are not looking for charity. Need long term care? Get the benefits you paid for with every paycheck.
  • 3. No Waste. Avoid probate? Of course. Make sure the beneficiaries get their inheritance, no matter what? Yes!

I reject traditional estate planning. Traditional planning sacrifices Middle-class Michigan to nursing home poverty. Everyone knows this. Your insurance agent, financial advisor, accountant, lawyer. It is no secret. Except to you. No longer. The Reporter gives you the straight story.

Over the years, tens of thousands of families have used the LifePlan™ approach. Simple fairness. You paid in. You get the benefit. Receiving the best care. Maintaining quality of life. Not going broke.

Service To Our Client Families

No billing by the hour. No billing by percentage of your estate. No surprises. We do not like surprises. We will not surprise you. Let’s talk… no charge. No charge for the workshop either. If you choose to protect yourself and your family, we will craft a plan and quote the fee. No risk. You decide. You get options, in writing, all fees disclosed up front.

Many lawyers claim to do everything from traffic tickets to trusts. Can that lawyer is be expert at anything?

Our singular focus is on you and your loved ones. Following through, getting the job done. I call it LifePlanning™. You may call it common sense. Other lawyers wish it would just go away.

(800) 317-2812

Note: Not Legal Advice!

Can a doctor, nurse, or social worker force someone into a skilled nursing home against their wishes? Mother is unable to care for herself and my father cannot take care of her as he has health issues. The doctor, nurse, and social worker for my mother want to put her in nursing home but she does not want to go. She would rather stay with family with the help of caregivers. She has not been declared mentally incompetent although she has early onset dementia.

Let us agree on a few basics:

  • 1. No one wants institutional care
  • 2. Everyone wants care at home
  • 3. At home care is expensive

No doctor, nurse or social worker can force your mother into a skilled nursing facility against her will. That is the job of the probate court. If the court finds your mother legally incapacitated, it will appoint a guardian. The guardian can involuntarily place you in long-term care. A strong estate plan avoids this.

Doctors, nurses, social workers… they are not monsters. But they are busy. Today they will see another dozen dementia patients. Tomorrow will be the same. Busy professionals. They are experts. Using the same methods over and over again.

Reality: No one cares about your mother as you do. If doctors, nurses, and social workers tried to care that much, the system would break down. They have much to do. Little time to do it. Not their fault. No blame. But…

“Good enough” is not good enough for your mother. But what to do? These folks are experts! They know! So much advice. From neighbors, friends at church, brothers-in-law. You research and get more confused. And hopeless. Beaten down, you go along. Guessing the experts are right… Now mother is in the nursing home. Isolated. Unhappy. COVID quarantined.

It could have been different.

We advocate. Fight for your mother, as I did for mine. This is personal. Thirty years of refusing to take no for an answer.

The Way: Observe, Orient, Decide, Act.

First, observe. Get a good grasp on the facts right now. Gather bank statements, financial records, tax returns. Get the medical records. Organize any legal documents. Stay aware of changes. Get the picture.

Second, orient. Check options. Do not wait any longer. Refuse to accept existing legal documents, like trusts, wills or powers of attorney. Protecting your mother is your job. Your tools must be sharp and strong. Those old documents may be (likely are) dull and rusted. And may fail in crisis. Find out. Costs nothing but a phone call. Might save everything. At least you will know.

Third, decide. What choice will you make? At this point, you know what is available. Crunch time. Refusing to decide is a decision. You may think you were better off not knowing. You might be right. Ignorance is bliss?

Fourth, act. Revise or replace useless tools as necessary. Secure benefits. Go. Fight. Win.

For Your Mother:

  • 1. Get the facts. Call us for a free Discovery Meeting. Telephone call or online video meeting with a paralegal or attorney team member. Get the checklist. Guided, purposeful information gathering. Focused only on the relevant facts. Personal, financial, legal. Then set up the free Engagement Evaluation.
  • 2. Know your options. Engagement Evaluation. Are at-home care options available for mother? What about your father’s needs? How can we secure benefits without sacrificing lifesavings? What residential care options are there?
  • 3. Choose. Consult with your family. Pray. Reflect. Discern. Choose the most appropriate course of action. There is no free lunch. There are costs to doing and not doing. But you decide.
  • 4. Act. Git ‘er done! Secure lifesavings. Mother stays home with free help. Could be the Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly or the MiChoice Waiver program. Or an assisted living facility with Waiver might be best. Or full skilled nursing.

Swimming in Lake Michigan is dangerous. The undertow can sweep you away. But if you know how, it can be great. Long-term care is dangerous. Your family can drown in costs, squabbles, inappropriate care. But if you know how, you can transform end of life challenges to triumph. Building shared experiences, cementing family relationships. It is up to you. We can help.

PACE Program eligibility expanded until April 1, 2021

The Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) provides a full range of therapeutic and care services to you at home. At no cost to you. If you qualify. COVID emergency rules mean that many folks who did not qualify before are now eligible. Even more people can become eligible. We can show you how.

Sad Truth: Many folks who qualify do not even ask because they do not think they could possibly get any benefits. This is bad thinking. Leads to unnecessary nursing home placement for you. Stress on caregiver spouse leads to premature death: 40-50% of the time, the caregiver dies first. Unnecessary.

Good News: Under the emergency rules, you can: Keep your cottage. Keep your farm. Keep your lifesavings. Keep your loved one at home, receiving the support you need to do it.

Are you caring for a loved one at home? Have you investigated PACE? Were you told that you do not financially qualify for PACE? Were you told that you would have to sell or liquidate almost everything to qualify for PACE? Do you think PACE is too good to be true?

Get authoritative answers you can count on. Quickly. No nonsense. Many of our PACE families could not believe that their tax dollars could benefit them. Many more subscribe to the “too good to be true” concept. One short, simple phone call can confirm your worst fears of not qualifying or open the door to a new way of life. That part is up to you.


Too many middle-class families (one is too many and long-term care poverty smashes the security of thousands) go broke from endless long-term care bills. That does not happen to our LifePlan™ families.

It is simple: Three Goals, One Strategy.

1. No Poverty – You will not go broke.

When you are in control, life is good. You will not go broke from casinos, Bernie Madoff, or too many vacations. Long-term care rips the steering wheel from your hands and points you over the cliff. No choice, no chance. LifePlanning™ keeps you firmly in the driver’s seat. In control. Lifesavings intact.

2. No Charity – Caregivers get paid. You already “bought the insurance.”

America pays for long-term care through your taxes. Withheld from every paycheck you ever earned. More than your fair share over the years. You paid for other people. Folks you have never met. You, the middle-class, only want a fair shake. You paid in, you should get paid back if needed. Without sacrificing every red cent.

3. No Waste – Any leftovers go to your beneficiaries. Not wasted on probate or taxes.

Why shouldn’t your family, your loved ones, benefit from your leftovers? Why should probate, taxes, government soak up what is left? Wise plans avoid strife and insure family harmony.

For 30 years, the LifePlan™ strategy has achieved your goals.

The rules can work for you. LifePlanning™ makes the rules work for the people who play by the rules. Other so-called experts, attorneys, planners, financial advisors accept the status quo. They do what everyone else does. The LifePlan™ approach dives deep. Seeking out and securing your family’s future.

LifePlanning™ is middle class Michigan’s tool kit for winning the future. Comply with their rules? Yes, absolutely. If you want to win, you must know how to play the game. Thirty years of study, experience, testing and delivering results have produced the LifePlan™ system. Techniques and tools that preserve, protect, and defend your right to decide how you will live. You earned that right through decades of work and conscientious stewardship. Isn’t it ridiculous to suggest that impoverishing yourself, your spouse, your family is somehow noble? Isn’t it foolish to reject your own life experience for the defeatist counsels of the “wise”?

LifePlanning™ means your choices matter, whatever life brings. Are you like thousands of Michigan families who played by the rules and earned homes, cottages, farms, lifesavings? Would you like the rules to work for you, for a change? Why wait until it is too late?