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So Who Is David? Happily married. Father of 4. Oldest brother of 8. Been there. Done that. Bartender. Farmer. Mechanic. Lawyer for over 30 years. Graduated Notre Dame. Two law degrees: J.D., Boston University School of Law. Master of Laws, Taxation, Georgetown University Law Center. Captain, U.S. Army. Jumped out of perfectly good airplanes for my country. Airborne! Years of Pentagon duty. Years of big firm time. 30 years practicing law my way. Over 10,000 families with solid LifePlanning™. Millions of dollars in life savings preserved, protected, defended from probate, excess taxes and nursing home poverty.

So Who Cares? What it all means is that you’re not dealing with some amateur who dabbles in trusts or wills or whatever happens to be the latest fad. Our team cares about you and your family. I know that your situation is unique… I know what works, whether we’re doing a pre-plan to protect your future, a crisis nursing home plan to protect your life’s work, or a survivors’ protocol to deal with the death of a loved one. Available, friendly, experienced.

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