"We have been extremely pleased with the professional service of David and the staff. It has been a pleasure working with everyone to make sure our future is secure. David was also very helpful finding an out of state attorney to help our parent’s address their Elder law needs. We recommend anyone with questions or concerns come in and get your questions answered before it’s too late."


"We are very pleased with the work performed by the law offices of David L Carrier, P.C. They took the time to explain in detail all of our options and their recommendations. We are very impressed how up to date attorney David Carrier is on the ever changing laws that affect estate planning. We highly recommend that anyone needing estate planning contact David Carrier."

Bob and Reta

"Being a senior couple my husband and I knew it was time to have our wills, living wills, family trusts, estate plan and especially a financial protection plan, put in place should something unforeseen happen, like nursing home care, ever be needed as we both age. David Carrier was a great listener and understood our situation exactly. His experience and expertise was invaluable. We now feel confident that we have covered all “our bases” and that he and his staff are with us and will be there for us whenever we have a question, problem or concern.

Thank you David for all your help."

Bill and Mary

"My husband and I had a very nice lifestyle in the 1970’s and 80’s. Unfortunately, our business had to be liquidated in the mid 90’s and we lost everything including our home, all of our toys and our vehicles.
Together we worked very hard to reestablish our assets. We were in our 50’s and knew this would not be easy and we didn’t have a lot of years to do so. After 12 years we have succeeded to build a small retirement and were scared to death of losing everything again as we aged and in the event of nursing home care. We found David Carrier. David you gave us peace of mind in seeing our future. He spoke to us not in legal mumbo-jumbo but in words we could understand. With David’s advice we are now hopeful that our golden years will be filled with joy. David even made it easy to pay for his services and for that we are very grateful. He is a knowledgeable and passionate individual who cares for the people who need his help.

We would surely recommend David to anyone."

Diane and Craig

"We really appreciate the time that is spent answering our questions and concerns."

David and Gerri

"David and his staff did an excellent job in covering all of our needs/wishes regarding our life play. I am comfortable and grateful to know that not only my spouse and I are now protected, but family members as well."


"Pretty painless. Staff was professional and we were impressed that David took time to do first couple of meetings himself before handing us to staff for the bulk of the paperwork."

K & M

"Enjoyed working with the team here. We really learned a lot as this process can seem very intimidating. The staff is knowledgeable and there is comfort in knowing all our questions can be answered without large fees."

Mary Beth and Bill

"Legal info very thorough but explained in simple terms that are easy to understand. Cookies are great and staff is very friendly. Would recommend to anyone nearing retirement."


"My husband and I first attended the seminar in January 2013. He was ill with bladder cancer at that time. Little did we know that a month later, he would pass away. The next seminar I attended was with my son and daughter-in-law and a single appointment with my son. Your staff and the way you conduct business has been of a great consolation to me during this time and as I go forward. Thank you."


"We feel that we were served in a professional manner at our level of understanding. We both would recomment David Carrier to assist in estate planning, for anyone to avoid probate and to assign property to appropriate beneficiaries upon our death. Thank you all."

Joe and Sally

"It was easy to understand how things worked. David explained things in terms I could relate to. Updating my trust was very important and I know now that I need to keep up with it as my life changes."


"The entire staff gave a high level of comfort, expertise and understanding of the entire process."

Patricia N.

"This office and personnel was awesome. They were very willing to answer all our questions. They took the time to educate us. It wasn’t a high pressure situation. They didn’t just tell us what to do, they did it for us until complete!"

Larry and Nancy D.

"Very confident they have done the best to protect my future. Staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. Yes, the cookies are excellent! Just like home."

Sharon K.

"We most enjoyed the thoroughness of making sure all things were understood, the friendly staff and the neat presentation of our final document package. And oh yes, the cookies are fantastic!"

Larry P.N

"Staff is efficient, friendly and thoughtful. They make us feel very confident that all these matters will be properly handled. David is great to work with – knows his stuff and has a great sense of humor. We love coming here!"

Tom and Mary E.

"We very much appreciate David Carrier and his very qualified staff. They have very kindly and respectfully helped us put our family trust together, that when the time comes, our children will know exactly how to handle the situation.

We also appreciate the help in putting together the trust for our mom who is 89 years old, and the time they gave answering her money questions and the reassurance that what she is doing was necessary."

Ron and Linda R

"Our experience with the Law Offices of David L. Carrier was very good. The workshops and all of the meetings were very informational, with a bit of humor added at times (the cookies were good too). All of the staff were friendly and helpful. We have listened to David on the radio for a long time, finally decided to attend a workshop. Glad we did!"

Ed and Evelyn N.

"Couldn’t be happier with the experience at the Law Offices of David L. Carrier. I now have the peace of mind missing at my own parents’ demise because they had not planned carefully. My own children are pleased that my legacy to them is protected and the legal papers carefully executed."

Rose H.

"David and his staff were very helpful in providing my parents and our family with the peace of mind in knowing that the money they have worked VERY hard to earn throughout their lives is safely tucked away and cannot be taken by the government for nursing home care, etc., if and when that time should come. We would recommend David Carrier P.C. to our friends. Thank you!"

Ann O.

"We feel that we were served in a professional manner at our level of understanding. We both recommend David Carrier to assist in estate planning for anyone to avoid probate and to assign property to appropriate beneficiaries upon our death."

Joe and Sally J