FREE LifePlan™ Workshop

Grand Rapids
FREE LifePlan™ Workshop
FREE LifePlan™ Workshop
FREE LifePlan™ Workshop
FREE LifePlan™ Workshop

Reserve your seat today! Our LifePlan™ workshops are free, fun, info-packed and the two hours fly by (Really! Really! ). This is not your typical, boring, can’t keep your eyes open, legalese workshop! No siree… questions are encouraged and your concerns are front and center!

One of the most important benefits of the LifePlan™ approach is to protect your money, for you! You earned it, don’t you deserve to keep it?
It’s not about…Saving Taxes, Avoiding Probate, and getting it to “The Kids.” This is about planning for you, so you have the quality of life you are entitled to…because you have earned it! AND, if you are a LifePlan™ member you can still…Save Taxes, Avoid Probates, and get it to “The Kids” and in a protected way. Come to a LifePlan™ workshop and I can guarantee, you will learn something you didn’t already know. If you want your kids to be your care taker (enjoying your visits) and not a caregiver (changing the Depends), then Reserve Your Seat TODAY! And did I mention…it’s FREE…You cannot hire us at the workshop!

Our Team Is Committed To Your Success.
Reserve Your Seat at Our LIFEPLAN™ Workshop

Learn How To:
✓ Cope with rapidly changing laws that affect your family’s long term care options.
✓ Pre-plan for financial peace of mind.
✓ Preserve your life savings (even if your loved one has been in a nursing home for years).
✓ Get top quality nursing home care.
✓ Obtain in-home skilled nursing care.
✓ Reject “Medicaid Myths” & get essential benefits.
✓ Get the Veterans Pension benefits you’ve earned.
✓ Avoid probate and minimize taxes.

We offer LIFEPLAN™ workshops in Grand Rapids, Muskegon, Holland, and coming soon to Kalamazoo, Battle Creek.

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